Monday, 8 March 2010

Pearls and Pearls Agro (PACL) are names of same fraud company

Mr Ankush from Punjab, India, wants to know whether PACL or Pearls are the same companies and why the government or Reserve Bank of India is not taking any action against these fraud companies. Yes. Pearls and PACL are the same companies which have been cheating the gullible for quite some time now with the huge interest on deposits.
Why the government or the Reserve Bank of India is not taking action? It is a good question. Most of the time, the depositors would be kept in the hope that their money would come back if they do not complain and these deposits are generally for long period ranging from five to ten years. By the time they realise that they are not getting back their money, the company would amass enormous deposits.
Pearls is offering double the amount in a short period and they claim that it is the 200 yards housing plot they are actually offering their depositors. In fact, the company does not own such vast land to allot the depositors. Any action would be initiated against the cheats only after receiving a complaint. If nobody complains there is no action. Law would not help the person who is sleeping over his rights.
These companies have been somehow managing to avoid criminal cases against them and that is how they are surviving.
In the case of Golden Forest, several criminal cases were filed and they are pending trial. The organisers of the company though they own several hundreds of acres throughout India, are not willing to part with the property to repay deposits. All the depositors are left in the lurch.
That is why I appeal to all my fellow countrymen not to fall prey to the high rate of interest and lose your hard-earned money.


Tex said...

Run away! Everything is a scam, because Shyam said so! Run away! LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Cluleless Tex, if mobilising deposits without the permission of Reserve Bank of India is not a scam what else is?
I pity you.

Tex said...

Why don't we have you to take the position of police, judge, and jury and let YOU run the entire country of India? LOL

I nominate Shyam as King of India! LOL

jkbhargava said...

if anybody has any doubts about this fraud company (pacl or pearl agro )then one must read the investigation report published by ecocomic times dated 28/06/2011.

z said...

Dear all i would like to tell you that PACL is 100% safe company and your money is safe here i also a customer of this company so please think positive about this reputed organization.

Shyam Sundar said...

If PACL or Pearls is in real estate business, the land all over India is not sufficient to allot to its deposit holders. That is why it is called cheating company.

Unknown said...

You may log your grievance/complaint at who are interacting with PACl for solving the problems.

Unknown said...

You may log your grievance/complaint at who are interacting with PACL for solving the problems.