Saturday, 27 March 2010

Amway's business model is counterfeit commercial scheme

As 'Joecool' rightly observes on his own Blog, what the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have got away with running for the previous 50+ years, can be called a 'pyramid,' but the 'Amway' pyramid cannot be described as lawful (and certainly not in India). In truth, since WWII, American-spawned pyramid fraud has been a constantly-evolving criminogenic phenomenon which, for many reasons (not least, widespread political corruption), has been allowed to evade serious criminal prosecution and infect the rest of the globe. It is as a result of US legislators and prosecutors failing to recognise this extremely dangerous development, that this shameful situation has come about. The wider evidence (including tens of millions of individuals who have wasted their time and money) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Amway,' and its many 'MLM'copy-cats, have always been intrinsic frauds, but maliciously designed to infiltrate traditional culture, escape all less-than-intellectually-rigorous investigation and, thus, be sustainable.
It beggars belief that, when 'Amway' was originally challenged in the 1970s by the Federal Trade Commission as being an intrinsic fraud, a US administrative judge limply accepted asevidence the organization's own reality-inverting claims abouthow lawful its future activities would be, rather than only examining what had actually occurred.
US legislators have yet to accept the self-evident truth that pyramid fraud, no matter how heavily it is camouflaged, is always based on essentially the same economic fallacy - that a counterfeit commercial scheme (i.e. an unviable system of economic exchange without any significant, and sustainable, source of revenue other than that derived from its own contributing participants) can lawfully generate endless profits for the majority of its existing contributing participants, provided the scheme continues to find more contributing participants.Tellingly, the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have spent decades investing a proportion of their considerable ill-gotten gains to steer the legislative debate (in various countries) away from the essential identifying 'closed-market' characteristic of the absurd pyramid fraud which they have run. To this end, their apologists have created all manner of thought-stopping sophistic arguments which can appear to less-than-intellectually-rigorous observers (including legislators and law enforcement agents) to prove that 'MLM' is a perfectly lawful commercial enterprise that has had a significant and sustainable source of external revenue.
Lately, when cornered with the wider evidence, 'Amway'apologists steadfastly pretend that the majority of contributing 'Amway' participants weren't contributing participants at all, they were actually retail customers. This absurd, legalistic inversion of reality, is a comic-book license to steal from the rest of humanity which the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have awarded themselves.
David Brear


Tex said...

More Brear bullshit. It's not that the IBOs are considered customers, it's the fact the FTC doesn't require external customers, as evidenced by their 2004 letter: LOL

Make sure you read under the "Internal Consumption" section. LOL

patrick said...

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TAS4A said...

Having been involved in Amway since 1986 I can assure you that it is NOT a scam. I don't make gobs of money but my wife and I do well enough. I retail to about 35 regular customers, buy from my own store, and present the business opportunity to others. They either become custoemrs, busines owners, or neither. There is no coercion, no hard sell, just thanks and bye bye.
We see about 1100 to 1500 USD a month in extra income (that's INCOME, not gross sales.) We attend a few meetings to socialize with people we really like. Thanks to my business I work partime and home school my boys. I get to spend a lot of time with my tow teenagers which means more to me than getting rich.
Is Amway for everyone? Of course not, but it is a legit business IF you are willing to really work at it. Show me another business where for about a hundred bucks investment you can make 10 times that every month.
Try buying into any franchise out there for less than 1 million bucks. It ain't happening.
You seem to be a bunch of folks who approached the busines half-heartedly. You weren't willing to really make it work. You sound like whiners and losers. You couldn't (wouldn't) do it so no one can. It must be a scam because YOU failed to follow the business model.
There's a couple "downline" from us who are making more than we do.
So how can this business be illegal? The money doesn't go to a select few at the top. Everyone has the opportunity to build as big or as small as they like. No one is required to buy anything except the business kit.
I'm sorry you failed to succeed where many others have succeeded. But don't blame amway for your shortcomings.