Sunday, 21 March 2010

Amway Utopia can never arrive

Despite the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. IBOFB Steadson's, transparent efforts to provoke us and to divert your reader's' attention from external quantifiable reality, we have come back to the only important question:
Is the so-called 'Multilevel Marketing' scheme most commonly-referred to as 'Amway,' a lawful commercial enterprise run by honest sponsors who have derived the majority of their multi-billion dollar revenue from supplying merchandisable goods and services to the participants in their scheme who have then sold the overwhelming majority these merchandisable goods and services on to non-participants for a profit, or is 'Amway' the front for a premeditated closed-market swindle, or camouflaged money circulation scheme, run by a gang of absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, economic alchemists who, exactly like Bernie Madoff, have had no significant, and sustainable, source of external revenue other than the victims of their swindle to whom they have, therefore, been peddling infinite shares in what can only be these victims' own finite money?
Setting aside the 'Amway' organization's own reality-inverting propaganda (which has often been repeated by third parties, including judges, journalists and legislators, without the slightest qualification), there is absolutely no evidence that the'Amway' scheme has been a lawful enterprise run by honest individuals. In fact, the joint instigators of 'Amway,' Messrs. DeVos and VanAndel were once proven to be accomplished liars who had set up a series of counterfeit companies in order to perpetrate the largest tax fraud in Canadian legal history. The pair only escaped extradition and imprisonment by striking a plea bargain in which they agreed to pay fines and penalties which eventually totalled more C$70 millions. In the past, both US and British commercial regulators' less-than-intellectually-rigorous efforts to put an end to the 'Amway' swindle have become bogged-down in the organization's own labyrinth of thought-stopping 'commercial' terminology, deluded core-adherents, misleading rules, mystifying mathematics and (apparently independent) corporate structures. However, there is a growing mountain of quantifiable evidence proving that not only have the bosses of the 'Amway' mob been running one of the most profitable closed-market swindles of all time, but that they have also been occulting a series of secondary advance fee frauds, most-commonly referred to as the 'Amway Tool Scam,' which have netted even larger cash sums without any payment of tax.
The made-up word, 'Amway' (corruption of the 'American Way'), is merely the reality-inverting title for a parallel world - an abusive totalitarian State in microcosm complete with its own economic pseudo-science ('Multilevel Marketing') and fictitious dualistic scenario of control in which the State's self-appointed sovereign leaders, and their wives, have been steadfastly portrayed as intellectually, and morally, perfect, paternal/maternal benefactors. Exactly like the self-appointed sovereign leadership of 'Scientology,' the bilionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have illegally acquired absolute control over vast capital assets by peddling the unoriginal attractive myth of exclusive redemption in a future Utopian existence available only to obedient believers who accept the authenticity of their group's pseudo-science, and its higher initiates' authority, without question. Typically of a totalitarian group, by making total belief a prerequisite of redemption, 'Amway' adherents are drawn into a sinister closed-logic trap (i.e failure to achieve redemption is solely the fault of the individual who didn't believe totally).
However, in the adult world of external quantifiable reality, the mythical future 'Amway' Utopia, where every unquestioning believer is prosperous, happy and free, can never arrive.
In plain language, 'Amway' and 'Multilevel Marketing' are pernicious rackets designed to steal their victims' time and money, and then destroy their victims' ability to complain by steadfastly pretending that the victims alone were responsible for their own (inevitable) failure, thus, loading them with crushing guilt and shame.
David Brear


IBOFB said...

What "Amway Utopia" are you babbling about Brear?

Is this another of your straw men delusions, like the idea that somebody who promotes the products to others couldn't possibly legitimately want to use them themselves?

Or is more like the delusion that people who like the products are being scammed if they decide to get distributor status and save money?

Or maybe it's the delusion that anyone actually cares what you think?

Personally I just find you marvellously entertaining :)

rocket said...

Shows how smart you are Steadson.

Straw man? Well, I guess if anyone would know a straw man, it would be an Amway gent such as yourself! Amway's whole North American business was built on strawmen!

I'm sure people in the UK like the products much more, since they are now at least at reasonable prices.....

The Amway utopia is known by every IBO but you, it would seem, since that very utopia is what is used to get people in the right mindset to sign up.

Keep it coming David Steadson! It's an excellent source of amusement, you defending Amway!

Tex said...


Congratulations, a long post (as usual, yawn) without using the word "wampum." LOL

Anonymous said...


Tex said...

Can't argue with that logic! LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Yemitraa ee picchi geetalu?

Tex said...

That depends on whether you want to start thinking, for a change. LOL