Sunday, 28 March 2010

Amway mob produces meaningless 'rule book'

The classic tactic of all reality-inverting, abusive cultic groups, is to blame their victims using closed-logic. In his latest particularly-feeble post, the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr.'IBOFB' Steadson, has given your readers another typical demonstration of this ignoble cultic art. Like all cult apologists, he has absolutely no concern for the suffering of his group's victims and their relatives.
The (apparently independent) corporate structures which comprise the major organized crime group most-commonly referred to as 'Amway,' have concocted all manner of visible'rules' and 'codes of conduct' which, to casual observers (including judges, journalists and law enforcement agents), can appear to keep these structures' activities within laws made by democratic institutions defining what is criminal, and/or unethical. When the wider picture is examined, the 'Amway Rule Book' is revealed as part of the organization's reality-inverting smoke-screen; for, in practise, it cannot be (and has not been) enforced, whilst a mountain of witness testimony from former 'Amway' adherents proves that (no matter what Mr. Steadson pretends) millions of individuals over a period of 50+ years have been secretly taught to duplicate exactly the 100% Positive Example of their 'Admired and Respected Leaders,' and to ignore 'Amway's' rules (particularly about retailing) as the 'Proven Plan to Achieve Total Financial Freedom'.
In exactly this way, the late Mr.Venugopal was obviously deceived into buying significant quantities of (effectively ) unsaleable 'Amway' wampum, leaving his widow, Mrs. Sujata, in severe financial distress. Predictably, in order to evade prosecution for fraud, the corporate officers of 'Amway India Enterprises' have produced their meaningless 'Rule Book' like a rabbit out of a hat. They now point to this highly-convenient counterfeit and steadfastly pretend that, by purchasing all these world-class 'Amway' products and lying about having retailed them (in order to qualify for commission payments), the late Mr. Venugopal was in breach of 'Amway's Rules.' Obviously, this is a perfect illustration of how a cultic group blames its victims. The fact that Mr. Steadson uses this tactic in his latest post, falsely stating that the late Mr. Venugopal is responsible for his widow's present situation, is yet more proof that Steadson is the vile little foot-soldier of racketeers who has attempted to obstruct justice on their behalf on countless occasions.
The puerile and abusive, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson, systematically refuses to accept the testimony of persons like Mrs. Sujata who have been adversely effected by the 'Amway' mob's criminal activities in India. However, even he has to accept that (for 12 years), as an unquestioning core-adherent of the closed-logic 'Amway' myth, he was subjected to a devious program of totalitarian 'positive versus negative' indoctrination (disguised as'training and motivation') which (effectively) coerced him into committing fraud in the USA on behalf of the billionaire bosses, and millionaire under-bosses of the 'Amway' mob.
David Brear


IBOFB said...

I take it then Brear, that you believe if someone breaks the law, it's the fault of the police for not enforcing the law?

Unknown said...

Third world journalism at it's best.

rocket said...

Not even close to being a rational argument.

Police don't make rules, they enforce them. Society ensures they are enforced through courts.

What Amway is doing is akin to society not even having boundaries in the first place that people respect enough not to cross.

Lots of reasons for that, but lack of transparency to Amway rules violators is one of the biggest.

your analogy is flawed much like your logic, once again Steadson.

Tex said...


If the police are responsible for enforcing the law and the police are aware the law is being broken, YES.

Shyam Sundar said...

This fellow doesn't know where to put apostrophe but commenting on journalism.LoL

Tex said...

As opposed to you, lacking journalistic integrity? I'll take the apostrophe error. LOL