Thursday, 11 March 2010

Amway apologists are bluff masters

Baffled Trivedi wants everybody believe that there is no recruitment at all in Amway or recruitment is not necessary and all IBOs have been selling Amway products successfully. Anyway, he did not elaborate how there could be downline members without recruitment. This is enough to understand how Amway apologists are bluffing people. Amway IBOs are always on the lookout for new scapegoats wherever and whenever possible. They never miss a chance to start Gospel of Amway - the dream aspect.
The other day an employee in a broking firm told me that how he was accosted by an Amway distributor telling him about the dreams to come true. The employee coolly told the distributor that he never gets dreams and it is always sound sleep for him. So there is no question of dreams and no point in joining in any chain scheme looking for downline members, he said.
Blackhole Tex missed the point again. Clueless Tex better educate his co-apologist Trivedi about the requirements of Amway.


IBOFB said...

And Shyam, you have yet to elaborate on how there can be more than 72 people in Amway if the 6-4-2 model is an example to be followed rather than just an example to aid explanation.

Tex said...


It's obvious both sponsoring new IBOs and retailing to non-IBOs are involved with an Amway business!

Shyam, you're an idiot! 大聲笑