Monday, 8 March 2010

Do not run after the mirage of easy/quick money

It is apt to recall a story from the famous Panchatantra. A person purchases a black goat and started walking back home with it. Four thieves watch him and hatches a plan to steal the goat. First one of them approaches the person stating why he is taking home a black dog. The person insists that it is a goat. The second thief greets the person and enquires why he is taking home a black dog. Then third person also greets the person and asks why he is taking home a black dog. The goat owner starts suspecting that there is something wrong. When the last thief accosts him asking why he is taking home a black dog, he loses cool and suspects that it is really a dog but looking like a goat to his eyes. He runs away leaving the goat and the cunning thieves take away the black goat.
This is exactly what is happening in our blog.
When it is made it clear that the Amway's business model is scam and only the upper crust in the pyramid structure is making money, Clueless Tex, Baffled Trivedi and Faceless masked IBOFB jump to support Amway. One says I am confused, the other accuses me being a communist.
But I would like to make one thing clear. I do not run away leaving the black goat. My fight against these fraudulent companies continues.
And I continue to appeal fellow humans all over world not to fall prey to these fraudulent scamsters and lose your hard-earned money. Do not run after the mirage of easy and quick money.

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Tex said...

Where have I supported Amway? You need to read my blog more often:

You don't have a black dog or goat, you have a black hole, in the center of your skull! LOL