Sunday, 28 March 2010

Clueless Tex proves what he is

Clueless Tex, the stupid, strongly believes that every one is a liar because he is a born liar. He never believes even in his dream that people could be honest and truthful. His reaction to the earlier post on Amway reflected his original self. The confused IBOFB asked a sensible question. The whole episode is divided into two parts. One pertains to the grievance of Ms Sujata and the other is the complaint lodged by the Corporate Frauds Watch.
It is easy to find out through his co-apologists whatever happened to the grand meet at Vijayawada. Why Mr William Pinckney returned on the same flight without participating in the meeting. Instead of finding out the truth, the Faceless, Spineless, Brainless Tex simply says that it is a story.
IBOFB should ask himself the question whether there is anyone who follows rules set by Amway. The famous ENT surgeon from Vijayawada prescribes Amway's dietary supplements to his patients.
Tex, the stupid, check the incident with your fellow apologists and find out the truth. Ms Bhavani, the area manager of Amway India along with some distributors was kept in the Machavaram police station in Vijayawada till late night and finally let off after slapping a minor case. It seems Tex, the stupid is taking advantage of my open blog and squawking whatever he wants. Just learn the truth, only truth, nothing but truth.


Tex said...


I don't believe everyone is a liar, but virtually everyone believes you and Brear are idiots! LOL

Most people are honest and truthful, the problem is the few that aren't take advantage of those who are.

You're so stupid you won't even list your phone number again. LOL

How would you suggest we obtain reliable information from India? Ask you? LOL

Do you think you're going to get anything meaningful from Amway? LOL

It IS just a story until you get evidence to back it up. YOU are the one who is supposed to be the journalist, that concept is journalism 101! LOL

There are many doctors who recommend Nutrilite's vitamins and other supplements. The reason is because these products are superior to other products.

How is it you know all of these "facts," yet you have no proof except for your own statements?

I'm taking advantage of your stupid blog to point out to others how stupid you are! LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Lazy Clueless Tex, get back to find out my phone number and time. You are such a lousy fellow you don't have minimum courtesy to seek information. You have a sizable number of apologists all over world and a posse of advocates of Amway were present on 28--3-2010, still you want information from me. Call the police officer of Machavaram police station by calling him 0866-2495333 and find out how he grilled the area manager of Amway India, Ms Bhavani.

Shyam Sundar said...

IBOFB says:
Oh Shyam, I am indeed confused ... you say the meeting was closed because they didn't have the proper permits ... and then you ask why didn't Pinckney participate in the meeting?
But I thought you said the meeting was cancelled ....
Indeed I am confused!

Shyam says:
The Confused IBOFB, it seems, is really confused. Mr Pinckney need not run away from the airport itself. The meeting was not cancelled by the organisers or Amway India. It is disrupted by the police who said that the organisers did not have permission.

Tex said...


Your site is too disorganized to go find information. I will call the police number, however.

You could easily relist your phone number, you're just too scared to talk again. LOL

Why would someone show up at a meeting that was cancelled? LOL