Thursday, 4 March 2010

It is a money circulation scheme, rush to police

Mr Madangopal Agarwal wants to know whether Malasia-based UNIPAY2UMARKETING PVT LIMITED with its India office at Banglore, is a money circulation scheme or not. It sure is a money circulation scheme. See its business model. The member who has joined the scheme has to refer five members and they in turn ahve to refer five members each and the first member gets paid for everything. Unless you find five members and the chain is broken, the members who have joined the scheme are stand to lose their money. Sounds familiar!
Like all product-based money circulation schemes, it is also showcasing huge profits. They call it with a fancy name of 3x3 Matrix Money Script. Whatever they call it, it is a money circulation scheme and people are going to lose their hard-earned money.
I advise our friend Madangopal to immediately lodge a complaint with the police and follow it up. It is high time, we the citizens concerned take action against such fraudulent companies.

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Tex said...

If your logic were true, then ANY business is illegal. LOL