Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sell Amway products worth Rs 5.5 lakh in a month, Trivedi

Baffled Trivedi is living in a make-believe world. He thinks that Amway products worth Rs. 5.5 lakh could be sold by one person every month. After all these years, his mother could not sell even products worth Rs. 10,000 and he could not sell more than Rs. 5,000. Still, he believes that Rs. 33 million target could be achieved by a mere six persons. What a joke!
'If' you can enrol more members only that might be possible. And that 'if' is elusive. That is why it is called mathematical impossibility.
Not surprisingly, Trivedi is yet to come out openly how much he is investing on purchase of Amway products to earn Rs. 1500- 2000 every month. Still, he believes that he could earn a hefty commission on the sale of products worth Rs. 5.5 lakh by one of his downline member. And this downline member also thinks that his downline would purchase products to make him eligible for huge commission by selling products Rs. 5.5 lakh every month.
Clueless Tex thinks that there is a black hole in some other's mind. But actually he is in the middle of black hole.


Tex said...


Why are you making huge individual retail sales a goal/requirement? LOL

In the U.S., the requirement is only 50 PV/month. LOL

Yes, the black hole in your mind is still keeping thoughts from escaping! LOL

dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

k shyam read it again what i said

" diamond pin is a pin when a person generates business turnover of minimum Rs 550,000 from his 6 downlines (Of 1st phase) for 6 consecutive months. however he can have as many downlines in phase one.

so in a nutshell he must generate min Rs 3,300,000 in a month through
6 downlines (550,000 * 6) or more."

Assuming that u understand the business plan and purpose of recruiting a person in business

Where did i mentioned that the business should be done those 6 downlines individually???

their group turnover is actually what i am talking about. And one can't do it unless the person is having some leadership quality. one can do it by luck for a month but do u think it is possible for six consecutive months.

ask me more if u want know more about what is group turnover, by writing another post 'baffled trivedi' !!!

I am annoyed that despite u are ignorant about this u still claim business is a scam!!!

Shyam Sundar said...

That is exactly the point My dear Baffled Trivedi. Without enrolment how can anybody have so many downline members. Without enrolment there is no Amway business model. You must have 6-4-3 plan to continue to have downline members. You feign igonorance and say that it is only an example.

dtytrivedi said...

do u assume that just be enrolling people i can generate turnover of Rs 5.5 lacs!!!!


dtytrivedi said...

by the way good news amway posted record sales of $ 8.4 billion in year 2009 ( the year of economic turmoil).

Now shyam and brear will give extensive coverage regarding how much new people have enrolled to sustain as well as increase in total annual revenue of amway!!!

shyam definitly misses the point turnover is counted on each year and its not one time.

Very silly it is to think that just by recruiting people company generating this much revenue!!!!