Saturday, 4 September 2010

Amway propaganda reminiscent of Soviet, Nazi regimes

Any free-thinking individual looking at 'Amway' propaganda as a whole (but with unrestricted access to grim reality behind this attractive bullshit) can only conclude that the organization is peddling an effectively-unattainable, future Utopia. Indeed, many of 'Amway's' pretty propaganda images are frighteningly-reminiscent of those used by the 'Soviet' and 'Nazi' regimes - happy, healthy and prosperous hetrosexual couples whose unquestioning, heroic example must be exactly duplicated in order to achieve the Promised Land.
Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany were presented to the world as a Workers' Paradise where, by means of collective-effort and total obedience, sickness, starvation, unemployment, poverty, etc., had all been vanquished. The 'Amway' mob simply adapted this comic-book controlling scenario to fit the spirit of post-War America. The obedient, socialist worker-hero was transformed into the obedient, capitalist businessman-hero.
In all abusive, totalitarian systems, the system can never fail: only individuals fail the sytem - for the needs of the selfish individual are subordinate to those of the selfless group.
Self-evidently, this is a lie designed crush dissent by loading the victims of totalitarian regimes with guilt.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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