Thursday, 16 September 2010

The world of 'Amway' is a world of two dimensions

You have to laugh when 'Amway' propagandists invert reality by steadfastly pretending that 'Amway' is a direct selling company offering people a viable income opportunity which has nothing to do with cultsim, and that people who say 'Amway' is a cult, are communists.
As in all pernicious cults and totalitarian regimes, core-'Amway' adherents have been programmed systematically to accept a dualistic, or two dimensionsal, fiction as fact. In simple terms, this unoriginal, comic-book story (which has been presented using a constant repetition of key words and images) tells them that their group and its leaders are the positive, enlightened and righteous heros who have access to secret knowledge that can lead anyone to future redemption, whilst outsiders (particularly those who criticize their group) are the negative, unenlightened and evil villains who are a threat to achieving redemption.
In George Orwell's satire of the 'Soviet Union,' Animal Farm, the animal 'comrades' are conditioned to believe that four-legged creatures are friends to be trusted, and two-legged creatures are enemies to be feared.
Using essentially the same devious, reality-inverting propaganda techniques as were used by the 'Soviet' regime, the most deeply-deluded 'Amway' comrades have become completely dissociated from external reality. They have ignored all the historical evidence which proves that 'Amway' has been one of the quickest ways not only to lose your shirt, but also all your friends, and they have illogically insisted that, by recruiting for 'Amway,' they are helping people to 'achieve their Dreams,' and that anyone trying to tell potential recruits that 'Amway' is a fraud, are liars who are trying to 'steal people's Dreams.'
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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