Wednesday, 22 September 2010

TVI Express is a sure racketeer fleecing gullible

A big discussion has been going on in this blog about TVI Express with several readers accusing me for criticising the company.
What they do not understand is that it is their money they are sharing and huge chunks of that money is actually going to the company which has no office at all. The address the company gives is not in London. But it is only a virtual office.
However, the critics did not answer to the queries by our reader Akshya who wrote in this blog this week and they could not answer to Mr Rajesh who is a management graduate. Instead, they say that I am jealous to criticise that company.
Whatever I am writing in this blog it is only in the larger interest of people. Do not fall prey to these companies and lose your money and spoil your relations with your friends and relatives. Ultimately this is the message of this blog.
The latest posts on TVI Express reveal that it is a sure racketeer and fleecing the gullible. My dear fellow humans all over world! You are only encouraging the racketeers by joining such schemes apart from losing your valuable time and money.
Kindly go through the latest posts and learn about the company.

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GuyReviews said...

Counter-accusations are standard tactic as documented in my hub "Top 10 Tactics of Best Liars"

They don't provide any facts. They merely use insinuation to attack your credibility, while denying the fact that "ad hominem" attacks are irrelevant.

See #8 and #9