Thursday, 2 September 2010

TVI Express is a perfect con

A reader writes about the TVI Express which has been cheating a sizable number of people all over India.:

The truth about MLM is there for all to see.
And TVI Express seems to be one of the "cutest" one i've ever come across.
The truth is that "the product" doesn't need to exist.
"The suckers" or the people who are lured into it are the product.
It's a classic pyramid but more clever is that they know that 99% of people will never go on with it and will give up in the 1st year but in the meantime they suck as much money out of these people : It starts with the "entry fee" ; then it's books, tapes, CDs, trips to motivational weekends...and so on.....
When these people drop out - they don't ask for their money back - of course not - instead they feel like "losers" for not having taken advantage of "this opportunity of a lifetime".
The perfect con.

Again, the same problem persists. No one complains. It is high time people came out openly and lodged complaints against these crooks.

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