Friday, 17 September 2010

They promise to grow hair on bald head

On one hand, criminal cases are being filed against dubious companies like Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products et al, on the other, so many crooks are rising their ugly heads.
There have been, of late, many cheating advertisements appearing both in print and electronic media. One such advertisement is about growing hair on bald head. The makers of Nuzen Gold hair oil claim that it is possible to grow hair on bald head. Many TV channels are advertising the product. The Nuzen Gold hair oil company is warning people to wash hands thoroughly after applying oil to hair, otherwise, hair might grow on hands also. What a shameless claim! People are falling for it and buying oil bottles in dozen. What more, one has to use at least five bottles for 12 weeks. Each bottle costs Rs. 400. That is after spending Rs. 2,000, one realises that it is a futile exercise. They feel cheated but never come out to lodge a complaint with the police fearing that they would be laughed at. That is how these crooks are escaping the arms of the law.
Rings any bell! So is the case with Amway. People who lost money after joining Amway never come out and complain with the police. Apart from being told that it is their fault for not achieving in the 'good business opportunity', they think they would be laughed at for joining such pyramid schemes.
If the company succeeds in selling oil bottles for one hundred thousand people, they would be making 100 million rupees. This is one of the largest rackets in the recent past.
Let us discuss another racket later.


Unknown said...

On the Nuzen label it sure is mentioned that wash your hands after use but no where it has been stated that hair will grow on your hands if you do not wash your hands. Please do not add your own masala to sensationalize the story.

Shyam Sundar said...

I have personally made a phone call to the office of Nuzen situated at Hyderabad. They only told me that if hands are not washed properly hair may grow. When enquired they stated that the hair may grow on the back of hand. When asked whether they would give any guarantee that hair would grow on bald hair, they stated that they do not offer any guarantee but asked me to try their hair oil. After trial of using five bottles for twelve weeks I might realise that hair would not grow. But by that I would be poorer by a couple of thousands of rupees. That is the racket.

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