Monday, 20 September 2010

The big hoax of My Video Talk

A reader Akshya writes:

I was introduced to this MVT stuff today by one of my friends. I sincerely doubt their modus-operandi. And since the laws in India are not strong enough to keep a tab on any such scams, I have strong intutions that this is a big fraud.
Forget about the marketing part, being a Computer Science Engineer, I was not moved by any of the features of the product. Few of the questions that remain un-answered were:
1. They claim that we can post 10 GB of videos on their site. This means a lot of data storage capabilites and also state of the art network support systems and of course backed-up by the lightening fast servers. But where are their servers located ? Which company's servers are they using ? Are they using IBM's, Oracle's or any other big companies servers to support their system ? If yes, then they must be a huge customer for these big companies, then why they do not feature in any of the client list of these companies ?
2. If they are a service company, then why their 24X7 customer support number doesn't work.
3. The technology which they are claiming to be cutting edge technology is soon going to be out-dated once 3G comes in India. Of-course that may not be free but everyone needs the latest technology even if that comes for a price. You wouldn't take a black & white TV even if it is for free... right??
4. Who are the site developers ? Who is paying for their salaries ? What if the company simply shuts down its operations?
Frankly speaking its not about me or my money, its about the money of my knowns and relatives that I can't risk. Therefore I am have decided not to go for this.


Shyam Sundar said...

Dear young man, there is one particular law to deal with this type of racketeers in India. That is Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. The only thing is one should be ready to file a criminal case with the police against when they feel cheated.
How to recognise this fraud? If you are asked to enroll and asked to enroll more members, such scheme attracts the provisions of this Act. Just approach the police and lodge a complaint with the police. Unfortunately many police officers are not aware of the enactment. Send me your email ID. I would send you the bare Act to have an understanding of this enactment. All these copycats are just following Amway model. That is why Amway is the mother of all scams.

Tex said...

LOL Get right on it, Shyam. You remind me of the Pink Panther "detective." CLUELESS. LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

'Tex' your endless, foul-mouthed and childish comments demonstrate that you have the mental age of a prurient teenager and that you are only interested in disrupting my Site and trying to boast about your imaginary victories over 'Amway.' After numerous friendly warnings, you are now banned.