Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tell it to the Judge Mr. Steadson

Apparently, the unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, has now changed his tune. When translated into accurate, deconstructed English, his latest mind-scrambling, ludicrous, self-contradictory and unsubstantiated, Amspeak affirmation is that he has some 'very strong theories' why (during 50+ years) tens of millions of transient, insolvent persons around the world (whom he admits haven't been in business at all) have all been arbitrarily, and falsely, defined as 'Independent Business Owners' by billionaire racketeers. However, it's not difficult to imagine what Mr. Steadson's 'very strong theories' could possibly be. 'Amway' is, after all, a blame-the-victim fraud.
Despite what Mr. Steadson claims, almost without exception, former core-'Amway' adherents have said that 'Amway'-supplied wampum was effectively-impossible to sell regularly for a profit on the open-market, because even at the fixed wholesale price (30% less than the full retail price), it was exorbitant in comparison with similar materials widely-available in traditional retail outlets (like supermarkets and discount stores). However, whilst involved with 'Amway', these same persons had been unable to confront this obvious reality. Hence, UK government lawyers recently described current 'Amway' adherents as 'sadly deluded.' Not surprisingly, Mr. Steadson wants to produce such persons as witnesses for the defence.
Mr. Steadson, would also have the jury (your readers) believe that, after half a century of millions of fake 'Business Owners' being peddled mountains of illegal books, recordings and tickets to meetings (which told them that 'retail selling is for losers, the way to make big bucks in 'Amway' is to Duplicate a Proven Plan of Self-Consumption and Recruitment' ), the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have always taught their followers to retail.
Remember, Shyam, Mr. Steadson has admitted on your Blog that (during 50+ years) almost 95% of all the tens of millions of transient so-called 'IBOs' have never retailed any 'Amway' wampum whatsoever, but he maintains that it was entirely their own fault for not trying.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

1 comment:

IBOFB said...

Ahh, Brear just continues with the theory of "if I say it often enough, it must be true!"

You claim the products are overpriced - despite indisputable, confirmable evidence they are not

You then claim this is the reason why people who didn't even try to sell the products couldn't sell the products. It's not as if the fact they didn't try couldn't have anything to do with it!

You claim I, and many others like me, were told things we were never told, and were not taught and told things we explictly were! And yes, I can prove that too.

Tell it to the judge indeed, Brear.

Oh, that's right, your friends and BERR did tell it to the judge.

They lost.