Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Mr Steadson hides his accounts, but he can find home-made 'certificates'

As ever your little troop of (two) 'Amway' monkeys continue to dance round the real issues and try to drag your Blog into the gutter.
The unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, should invest in a good dictionary. Then, he will be able to look up his pet words like, 'rant' and 'certified,' and discover their traditional meanings. The poor schmuck now pretends that I have been ranting (i.e. talking bombastically) about totalitarianism, because I haven't the balls to accept his fearless offer of 'certified documentation' which will prove that he has sold some 'Amway' wampum (presumably for a profit, although he still doesn't make this clear) to a real person who is not a member of his family or under contract to 'Amway.'
However, imagine, Shyam, if this arrogant monkey turned up at a bank trying to get a development loan for his so-called 'Amway Business,' but refused to cede to the manager's polite request to examine several years of his 'Amway'-related audited-accounts and, instead, indignantly offered to come back another day armed with some home-made 'certificates' signed by alleged 'customers.'
It makes me wonder if Mr. Steadson's bank manager knows what he really does, if he actually keeps any 'Amway'-related accounts or has an accountant? One thing is certain, at the pitiful level he occupies in the 'Amway' hierarchy, Mr. Steadson can have no independent proof that he has previously paid any income tax on any nett-'Amway' earnings, because his so-called 'Amway Business' must have always been insolvent.
Notice how the unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw has absolutely nothing intelligible to say when confronted with quantifiable evidence that (during the previous 50+ years) virtually no 'Amway' products have been sold for a profit to persons who were not under contract to the organization and that, as a result, virtually no active 'Amway' non-salaried commission agent has received an overall profit from the operation of a so-called 'Amway Business.'
Indeed, no one refutes that the number of previously-failed so-called 'Amway Businesses' now runs into the tens of millions world-wide. In the recent UK enquiry, more than 99% of transient 'Amway' adherents (around 35 000 people) were found to have been losing money and most of these poor people hadn't even tried to sell the products.
For more than three decades, 'Amway UK' had a 50% annual drop-rate and virtually a 100% 5 year drop-rate. For all this time, adherents were constantly told that selling products was for 'Losers' - 'Winners Duplicated a 2-5 Year Proven Business Building Plan of self-consumption and recruitment.'
David Brear (copyright 2010)


Tex said...

I didn't see ibofb hide anything. Brear, are you "hiding" your brain because you don't have one? LOL

Sometimes I wonder who is the bigger fool, you because you don't have a brain, or us, because we respond to you. LOL

For me, it's pure entertainment!

IBOFB said...

One thing at a time Brear, stop with the dodging. Yet again you claim Amway products are unsellable, again I make the offer -

I will provide independently certified evidence of my retail clients.

Do you have any response other than to change the topic, and repeat your mantra?

If you say it enough, does that make it true in your world?

Joecool said...

It's not impossible for "someone" to sell products, but for the masses, it is obvious that selling Amway products to multiple customers, is not common practice.

Of course Tex is the biggest fool. Tex the dumbshit spent 15 years churning his wheels before he figured out the tool scam LOL

rocket said...

Sorry to copy & paste, but David Steadson doesn't appear to want to address the actual issue:

There are likely a great deal of former IBO's that agree Amway products are unsellable.

There's been a few leaders who have left saying the same thing.

There's lots of people who don't get involved for that reason (along with a few others)

The question isn't whether there is a small ( in North America) segment of society willing to pay exorbitant prices for Amway products. I'm certain there's a few that buy them for a few reasons such as

1. Pity
2. To avoid saying no to the opportunity presented (another form of pity)
3. They actually like the prices & find genuine value in them (notice this is last. That, in my experience is RARE)

The question remains......How many IBO's have a retail business which is sustainable, ongoing, and profitable to the point of not requiring outside income?

That's the question that you don't want to answer Steadson.

IBOFB said...

No, it's not common practice. The BERR statistics said only 6% even made an attempt to sell to even one customer

Given that both the corp and the majority of training systems teach that selling to multiple customers is *necessary* to achieve success in Amway (and in most places actually required by the rules), then 94% of IBOs 8at least in the UK) can be excluded from any analysis of whether it "works" or not - they never even made an attempt to do something necessary to succeed.

A legitimate question to ask is why do so many people join and make no attempt to earn an income?

Joecool said...

People join because in many cases, Amway is hyped as being easy or at least a shortcut to early retirement. Many people do not try to earn an income because that is what their LOS teaches. Buy from yourself or just change your shopping habits are taught and those are not sound business principles. But uplines continue to teach it because many people do not like or are not capable or selling in the direct marketing method.

rocket said...

A legitimate question to ask is why do so many people join and make no attempt to earn an income?

OK Steadson. That is a good question. Have you seen the recruitment tactics in North America?

You're on the right track..........

Tex said...

A primary reason why most IBOs don't sell to non-IBOs is because they are taught to sponsor, not to sell. Why is this? Each IBO only has limited time, and the upline can teach them to: 1. To sell and make pennies off that effort, or
2. Sponsor, and make dollars off that effort, via the Amway Tool Scam.

Which would YOU choose if YOU were an LCK?