Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Do not fall for cheating companies like TVI Express or Amway

One of our readers Rajesh says:

Hello All,
First let me tell you that I am an I.I.M.A graduate, the most reputed institute in Asia for management and top in India (for those who don't know!).
Two days back I came to know about this TVI Express scheme and I was surprised as in past five years I have seen many such network marketing companies cheating many and making few wealthier e.g. in India RCM, Anway (not Amway), FIC (Free India Concept) to name some of them. These companies used all the same tricks saying that we are different and in the net were the most fallible kind of guys like many gentlemen here in support of TVI.
WHY TO CARE ABOUT $250 ? Many say what is there in $250 to bet upon? OK, do it. But remember, you catch your preys out of your close friends and relatives only and technically you sell that relationship for your gain as they would be believing what you say or they are not educated enough to analyse the fate of it. If you don't know how money-lusted agents like you, are treated in the society then let me tell you that you become the most unwanted person everywhere and people stop talking to you in fear of your persuasion (except few greedy who want to turn millionire in short time by using verbal skills!)
WHAT IS REALITY? Please check yourself. It is not that difficult to have an address in London to print on broochure. These TVI guys talk a lot and their brochure shows a huge building as their Head Office which is totally untrue. Next fraud is that they have used the names of Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, Robert and one more gentleman as if they are promoters and that is worst kind of start you can expect with any such company because these guys are nowhere related to TVI. Only their quotes have been used on the site of TVI and that too in general remarks on network marketing companies. The company is a totally fraud as it does not have any CEO or founder on its website. Also there is no other tangible proof like Company Regn No. or any trade/currency txns related approvals on the site or their brochures.

TVI EXPRESS: A PURE WHITE COLLAR FRAUD:Here they promise you a lot, do little. When one is kicked in some way, he puts that up to him as he will lose confidence of his preys. I don't know how you cannot realise that who the hell in this world can make it possible to give you these many prizes at so cheap offer which in itself is unsustainable!
HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT MONEY DOUBLING GURUS OR BABAS? This works pretty much on similar lines, difference is that this is structured. The first movers get advantage and make money. When the business of paying the promises by taking money from other fools become difficult, the frauds come into limelight. Not to mention it keeps on happening, like two months back in Gujarat and three nearby States, in U.P. several times.
That is how other chain marketing companies like RCM, FIC, Anway died after cheating thousands.
One line about this business this is a totally UNVIABLE business and runs out of fuel soon.
COME ON ! WANT DO DO BIG ..DON'T GO FOR SHORT CUTS: I am from a village in Uttar Pradesh, India, educated there, joined a small job, then worked hard to get bigger job and got, again thought to earn more money, tried IIMs and got. Now I can have money in short time to start or support any business. So it takes little time to reach upto there but don't be so impatient to have money through this complete fraudulent way.


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