Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mr. Steadson says that 94% of so-called 'IBOs' have never been in business at all

Sadly, 'Joecool's' experience of 'Amway' is typical. The American network television show, 'Dateline,' secretly filmed thousands of insolvent American 'Amway/Quixtar' core-adherents who had all paid through the nose to attend one of the regular, guided 'MLM' orgies of deluded self-gratification where (to the thought-stopping beat of loud, rhythmic rock music, flashing lights and clouds of dry ice) they were shown thought- stopping 'Dream' images of vulgar wealth, showered with fake dollars, deprived of sleep and constantly assured that they were participating in the 'Best Business Opportunity in the World, ' - an Opportunity which could enable anyone to ahieve 'Total Financial Freedom' and 'Flush That Stinking Job !'
However, the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. IBOFB Steadson, now tells us that around 94% of the all the 3 millions so-called 'Independent Business Owners' (whom the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob currently claim to have taken up the so-called 'Best Business Opportunity in the World') haven't actually been in business at all, because they have not tried to sell over-priced 'Amway' wampum to anyone. Not only that, but he also apparently accepts that around 1.5 millions people are currently being churned through 'Amway' each year. That's 15 millions every decade.
Although it's difficult to follow his latest reality-inverting bullshit, let alone swallow it, I see that Mr. Steadson now boasts that around half of all the persons whom he still arbitrarily defines as 'Independent Business Owners,' but whom he admits haven't actually been in business at all,haven't even wanted to buy over-priced 'Amway' wampum themselves. The unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw infers that this proves that UK government lawyers (who were in broad aggreement with us) must be the ones who are sadly deluded for saying in court that the remaining 50% of temporary 'Amway' adherents (who like himself, have been effectively the only buyers of over-priced 'Amway' wampum) are 'sadly deluded.'
After posting this mind-scrambling series of ludicrous, self-contradictory affirmations, I imagine that Mr. Steadson sang three choruses of 'Waltzing Matilda' and then fell down in a heap.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


IBOFB said...

Again Mr Brear just makes stuff up. I do not "arbitrarily define" all of these people as "Independent Business Owners" - Amway does (in some countries). Indeed it's not wholly true for Amway either - their statistics on numbers of IBOs reflects only people who have renewed at least once.

How many decades have you been pursuing this obsession, Brear? And you still don't know simple facts like this?

I'm almost embarrassed for you.

In any case, contrary to Brear's claim, I've explicitly stated my opposition to calling them business owners.

But hey, since when has Brear ever cared about the truth?

Joecool said...

IBOFB has claimed that most IBOs do nothing in the first place and that many IBOs sign up only to buy products cheaper. While that is questionable, what's more puzzling is why these folks are recruited in the first place if they do nothing or join just to buy items cheaper. I would never purchase a business just to get cheaper products.

Also, Amway and Amway partner products aren't cheaper than similar or the same products at WalMart so that defense is also questionable.

rocket said...

David Steadson cannot and will not explain 2 things, in spite of labelling himself an expert of Amway.

1. Why people sign up only to do nothing. (He knows the answer but won't say it)

2. How many IBO's have enough retail sales to have an ongoing, consistent, stable monthly income through the movement of Amway products.

I don't think you need worry about being embarrassed for anyone Steadson. You have more than enough to be embarrassed about on your own.

Joecool said...

People sign up and do nothing for various reasons. The Amway presentation made the business seem easier than it is. When the newbie mentions Amway and gets smirked at, they quit, or the ysee the prices in the catalogs and decide it's futile to even try. I suppose some Amwayers are such pests that people sign up and do nothing just to get the Ambot off their backs.

I suspect few IBOs have consistent significant sales (enough to cover tools costs, products and a little extra).