Thursday, 14 January 2010

All Amway adherents indulge in illegal money circulation scheme

In my previous post, I described 'MLM' companies as false beacons luring the unwary into dangerous financial waters where certain, vulnerable individuals have become so desperate: that they have quite literally handed over everything to save themselves from drowning, but they have drowned all the same. I made this striking analogy, in order to demonstrate the untenable positions of your 3 resident 'Amway' apologists.
When looked at in isolation, the 'Amway' beacon appears to be more absurd than dangerous. Indeed, most casual observers find it difficult to believe that anyone (in their right mind) can still be bedazzled by it.
That said, each time 'Amway' has been investigated in the past, all active so-called 'Independent Business Owners' were found to be merely tied-customers of 'Amway' products. In the adult world of quantifiable reality, these people were contributing a fixed-sum of money each month in the deluded belief that if they exactly duplicated a 'Proven Plan' and recruited their friends and relations to do the same, they would be 'able to retire in 2-5 years.' Ignoring 'Amway's' own thought-stopping terminology and statistical misrepresentations of reality, 50 years of quantifiable evidence proves all active 'Amway' adherents to have been (unwitting) participants in an economically-unviable and, therefore, illegal money circulation scheme camouflaged by economic pseudo-science and banal, but outrageously over-priced, wampum.
David Brear

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