Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Amway beaming false MLM beacon

I thought that it might be helpful to use a historical analogy to explain exactly how the 'Amway' organization functions and to show just how dangerous, and obstructive, the sinister contributions of your resident 'Amway' apologists really are.
I don't know about India, Shyam, but in Britain, for centuries, one of the most evil and profitable crimes was known as 'wrecking.' This comprised lighting a bright fire on the coast during time of heavy storms to deceive ship captains into believing they could follow the light and find salvation. Unfortunately, the wrecking gang-masters didn't have the slightest concern for their fellow man. They maliciously positioned their false beacons not to guide ships into a safe haven, but so that they would become grounded, and/or smashed, on rocks. Whatever valuable cargo survived the wreck, could then be taken and any surviving crew members bludgeoned to death. Wrecking was prevalent around the coast of Britain, until a chain of authentic lighthouses was constructed and the igniting of any other deceptive beacon was absolutely forbidden.
'Multilevel Marketing' can be described as a form of latter-day wrecking, in that the bosses of criminogenic organizations like 'Amway' have been allowed to maintain false beacons maliciously positioned not to guide hard-pressed individuals into a safe haven, but so that they would become grounded, and/or smashed, on the financial rocks. The more danger these people found themselves in: the more likely they became to hand over everything they possessed in order to receive what they were assured would be future salvation.
In reality, during more than half a century, tens of millions of individuals around the world, have been deceived into following the false, but nonetheless bright, 'MLM' beacon. An unknown number of victims have been robbed of everything and left to drown. The really sinister aspect of criminogenic organizations like 'Amway', is that the gang of sanctimonious billionaires who maintain the false 'MLM' beacon (in front of the financial rocks) and the gang of equally-sanctimonious millionaires who peddle its doomed victims 'future salvation,' have registered their joint-activities behind separate corporate fronts. To date, American civil authorities, like the US Federal Trade Commission, have not examined the overall picture. However, civil investigators and lawyers are not specialists in organized crime.
David Brear


Joecool said...

Good post. I remember my upline used to mention that Amway is all we have. It implied that you have no hopes without the Amway business. But like the wreckage comparison, it is spot on.

Tex just cannot grasp reality. He insists that the Amway business would work if the tools prices were lowered. A totally moronic conclusion. You could give tools away for free and it would not increase the number of success stories. It would just make Amway welathier as IBOs would have more money to waste on products.

Tex said...

This is a good analogy, if you consider the Amway tool scam being the "wrecking" fires, and the Amway without the tool scam being the lighthouses. It's also interesting the UK has put the Amway tool scam out of business, while the real lighthouses remain.