Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The illegal scheme that makes difference with Amway

Here come the half wits asking ridiculous questions. Many products all over country sell at more than the production cost. But anybody could go to the shop and buy the products. Here you can't buy the products directly without becoming a distributor. One could say that they could approach a distributor to purchase products but there would not be a receipt to claim in case of deficiency in products or service. Sell the so-called quality products which remove stains, et al in any open market, you would hardly find anybody to purchase them. Why should anybody care for kosher certified. Sell it to Israel.
The illegal money circulation scheme behind selling products makes all the difference. The apologists are pretending that they did not understand the key issue.
Trivedi did not reveal how much he is investing every month to purchase products to earn, as he claims, Rs. 1000 to 1500. How much his mother is investing to purchase products and what is her position in the network after all these years.
Of course, we need not put these questions to the Clueless Tex since he announced that he quit as IBO long back.


dtytrivedi said...

hey how much u are investing in colgate or hll or any other fmcg products u are using for your day to day requirements. u will get the answer that how much i and my mother are investing.

Dear shyam tell me where in the world company said that one cannot buy the product unless he/she is a distributor.

A distributor can sell the product to customer also it is irrelevant that it is sold at mrp or discount not exceeding the wholesale cost.

A distributor can recruit the people and also can sell the products to the customers.

dtytrivedi said...

and yeah did u discussed with ur friend brear.

because i want to know that the claim which was made by brear

u say that amway is having 100% attrition rate but shyam showed the document

refer to ur post

but shyam showed us something different.

"2007 (4) ALT 808(D.B.)


In which one of the findings was that it is more lucarative scheme which makes difficult to come out of it. Let me direct quote it

"From the whole analysis of the scheme and the way in which it is structured it is quite apparent that once a person gets into this scheme he will find it difficult to come out of the web and it becomes a vicious circle for him." - -- para 35

in short amway is having low attrition rate.

now can u tell me which is brear true or thing which shyam showed was wrong

Tex said...
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Tex said...
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Tex said...

I never said I quit as an IBO. No wonder you're so clueless, you read things that were never written!

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, it seems, is in his elements. People buy products to use them but not for business. He only claimed that he is making Rs. 1000-1500 per month. Shyam asked to know how much money Trivedi is investing every month to earn that amount. It is as simple as that. Moreover, Shyam quoted the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court which was based on the affidavit filed by Amway India itself. Nitwit Trivedi could not udnerstand such simple thing. In fact, nobody has any statistics regarding the membership of Amway India as it never revealed the truth.

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan u reply pretty much tells that u are not knowing about amway.

let me tell u more clearly i have just replaced the products which i used to by from the other shop which are fmcg in nature.

like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and hair cream, mopping floor and many other such things