Sunday, 3 January 2010

Herbalife cheats hide behind positive thinking

Here is an unsolicited advise from an unknown quarter. The nameless, spineless fellows continue to offer such shameless advises in an apparent bid to cover up their nefarious activities.
You look like you could lose a bit of weight, perhaps you should try the products of Herbalife or Amway!
Focus on positve and you could be a happier person!
There is alrleady too much negative crap in the world why add to it?
I thank for him for his advise which is unsolicited as well as unwarranted. In the name of positive thinking and other crap, a sizable number of of people are being cheated all over world. Positive thinking is a great concept to keep you happy with what you got . But not for helping the crooks to line their own pockets.
Already several millions of people lost their hard-earned money in the Herbalife scam stocked with unsaleable Herbalife products. It is a racket as big as Amway. It is high time, the victims came forward to file criminal cases against this multilevel marketing company which is cheating people in the name of health management.


Tex said...

Amway is bigger. I don't think Herbalife has near the tool scam issue, either.

MBT 2073 PAYMENTS said...

hallo sir i wathed your blog since long back but i have one doubt is there eny way to stop this cheating herbalife business in andhrapadesh , the persion chintya raju is living in vijayawada and cheating mor and more people s in vijayawada and in ap , i give you u one sugession sir , please read carefully ,
first ur calling one distributer about this business and go ti their semoinor and joined in this company and after search thiet cheaiting principles by attenthair traing and see this with media and then their cheating rocket is stoped pleae do sir othere wise so many peoples lose some lakshs of rupees like me i cen help in information point of u to u sir my email id, dont neglet these peoples sir please help me and help tem herbslife is a cheating business

Unknown said...


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Shyam Sundar said...

Whoever said that I am not a happy person? I am the happiest person working out thrice a week in the gym. That is the only way to become healthy. These health drinks or Herbalife products won't bring any good health. Don't be a loser. Just take natural food and good exercise would make a happy person. This is the real positive thinking. A cheating man can never be happy.

calvin foong said...

if u can take all the nutrient from natural .. pls do so.

how much water u are drinking into your body everyday.

thanks for answering