Saturday, 30 January 2010

MyVideTalk is another racket like Amway

In an e-mail, a reader Mr Ravi Venkateswaran wanted to 'enlighten' me about MyVideoTalk's 'good business opportunity'. He claims that it is a good business opportunity to make money at the same time enjoying the web space. Like all 'good business opportunities' Mr Ravi also used the word 'money pouring in'. It is really pleasure to read that word. Money won't pour in from anywhere, it comes directly from the pockets of downline members who are made scapegoats.
Let us have a look at the business opportunity of MyVideoTalk. First one has to become a member by paying Rs. 10,000 to get Web Space and Web services allotted. Then you can use the MyVideoTalk for yourself. If one wants to earn money, one could enrol members and 'money starts pouring in'. Like Amway it too has different levels for its members. First Executive, then Silver Executive, Gold Executive, Plan Executive, Global Platinum Executive and Presidential Platinum Executive. As soon as new members are sponsored directly or by the efforts of his downlines, then all uplines in the group will get points for weekly or monthly commissions. All the points obtained in the week will be calculated and commission will be disbursed.
Like Amway, MyVideoTalk too has a compensation plan. It claims '6 ways to make money' with the MyVideoTalk Hybrid Compensation Plan. 1) Fast Start Bonus 2) Team Builder bonus 3) Executive Leadership Matrix Bonus 4) Weekly Team commissions 5) Global Rewards Check Match Bonus and 6) Monthly team commission.
In essence it is nothing but enrol members and earn huge commission. The Question is where do you find so many people to join all these schemes. That is why it is called 'mathematical impossibility' and outright cheating.
The problem with our 'educated lot in the society' is that they do not mind to cheat their friends and relatives to earn money. There are already a sizable number of silent victims all over country who lost their precious earnings in this scheme.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Do not get attracted to the sweet-coated words of such daylight robbers and fall prey. Do not lose money to such crooks. Save your money for your children or enjoy your life. Do not let these gangsters cheat you.


dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

ow its my turn shyam.

can u tell me which one you find correct.

judgement of the Andhra Pradesh High Court or brear statement - infact brear is not the only one who says it. Infact every anti mlm people would firmly believe the same thing. direct selling or mlm is having huge drop out rates.

but would still agree with judgment of AP high court

Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi is baffled LoL