Friday, 29 January 2010

Cheat apologists always come out with more excuses

Trivedi conveniently skips the question how much he is actually investing in purchasing products from Amway to enable him to earn Rs. 1000-1500 every month. He also did not reveal actually how many persons he recruited into the scheme (scam). Let us not beat around the bush Trivedi. Just answer these simple questions to tell the world what you and your beloved Amway are actually doing.
Likewise, Tex confessed that he did not make money as an IBO and he claims now that he is still on contract with Amway. Why should anybody continue in a scheme and above all, continue to defend a scamster company spending hours on the Net. Tex never reveals what are his stakes to support the Amway scam. It is hard to believe that the 'quality' products are the only 'excuse' for him to become an Amway apologist. Come out Tex! Let us not beat around the bush. Just announce to the world what your actual intentions are.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Look at these hypocrites and do not fall prey to the mischief of these money circulation schemes in the name of 'quality' products. These companies are only cheating you.


dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

However, this does not mean that business passes 15000 every month. in some month it hardly passes Rs 5000 a month.

And i am not beating around the bush. I said it more clearly and precisely.

We purchase the products from amway not because compulsion but according to our needs.

We just changed the shop and we are buying the same things which are replaceable by using amway products.

Ok u must be thinking what those specific products are. Right?

(i can't go on explaining the product benefits of all i am giving u an example to give u an idea)

1 Loc multipurpose cleaner for house
2 see spray for cleaning glasses
3.Zoom for removing tough stains on kitchen and other surfaces where dirt which is hard to remove
5. soap
6. nature shower: hand soap
7.deodorant (male and female for mother and sister)
8. Powder
9Hand and body cream
10.cosmetics products (lipsticks, facewash and mnay related products)for my sister and mother
11. supplements: I consume one tablet of daily and vitamin C after launch or break fast.
12.Protien powder.
13. Shaving foam
14. after shave splash
15. Hair oil
16. Energy drink : i consume it occasionally

so here is the list of the products which we are using and buying according our needs. we don't buy for the purpose of making 100 pv. We buy the products because we have tried, we loved the products, we found that it is cost effective compared to those available in the market.

Tex said...


You are incapable of reading for comprehension. I said, "Here's my status:

The choices are:

1. I'm still an IBO,
2. I resigned as an IBO, or
3. I was terminated as an IBO."

How stupid can you be?

My actual intentions are to shut down the ATS (Amway Tool Scam). If this isn't obvious by now, you have exceeded, in the lower direction, my low estimate of your IQ, which is somewhere in the single digits.