Friday, 8 January 2010

Tupperware fellow claims that they are different from Amway

The other day I visited a stall of Tupperware in a general exhibition. The man in charge of the stall said that the Tupperware products are superior in quality. I enquired whether the scheme is still available. He said that anybody could purchase products and if anybody wants they could join the scheme also. When asked whether the scheme is like Amway scheme, he said that their scheme is not like Amway. "We have no targets and no compulsions to purchase or sell products like Amway. Our scheme is very flexible, you know!" he said.
In essence, this man wants to dissociate himself with Amway's business model as Amway adherents wanted to dissociate themselves with GoldQuest International once criminal cases were filed against that company. Amway apologists coolly then said that there was no comparison between Amway India and GoldQuest International.
What people have to surmise is all these crooks are out there to loot them. My fellow humans all over world! Keep your eyes open and look before you leap into such fradulent schemes.

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Tex said...

Yes, everybody run away! Don't use your brain, just listen to Shyam and run away! Go now, RUN AWAY! LOL