Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Thought-stopping cliche drilled into Rosie's mind

I notice that your latest correspondent, Rosie, is already showing the classic signs of someone exposed (without fully-informed consent) to an 'MLM' cult.
The scripted-phrase 'Negativity spreads like wildfire,' is (self-evidently) a thought-stopping cliché. This has apparently been drilled into Rosie's mind so that it has become second nature to use it. Yet, how is it possible for persons enslaved by an 'MLM' cult to confront external reality, when any attempt at critical thinking is systematically condemned and excluded as 'Negativity?' Notice also, how Rosie has been conditioned not to trust external sources of information that cast doubt on the authenticity of 'MLM'.
Sady, all cultic racketeers use essentially the same system of closed-logic to dissociate their victims from external reality in order to exploit them.
Cult adherents are peddled places in a mythical, secure, future Utopian existence (in 'MLM' groups, this is portrayed as 'Total Financial Freedom'). At the same time, they are taught that they can only achieve redemption if they believe totally in its existence (i.e. failure to achieve redemption is always the fault of the indvidual who didn't believe totally).
This cruel totalitarian trap is what is known as an advanced fee fraud. It has been maliciously designed to steal an ill-informed person's mental, physical and financial resources and to crush all dissent.
David Brear

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Tex said...

"Bad news travels fast" and similar ideas are not phrases limited to MLM. The question is not whether the phrase is a cliche, the question is whether it is true. You guys are a lost cause. LOL

Be sure you don't respond to me, I want to get in the last word! LOL