Saturday, 9 January 2010

Tex incapable of reading unambiguous English

It must be interesting for your free-thinking readers to observe how the intellectually-castrated 'Amway' apologist, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson, is incapable of reading and digesting even the most plain, unambiguous English.
In a previous post I stated that Mr. Johnson freely-admits that he was the victim of an 'Amway'-related advanced fee fraud for 12 years. I then went on to state that Mr. Johnson has yet to find the courage to admit that, for 17 years, he has been both the (unwitting) perpetrator and (unwitting) victim of a self-perpetuating esoteric deception, maliciously designed to be beyond the understanding of the average person. Mr. Johnson's less-than-average reaction to my qualified statement was to retreat into one of his most puerile and abusive temper-tantrums.
Sadly, Mr. Johnson's adolescent-style ego obstructs his higher intellectual faculties from reading (let alone comprehending) the accurate, fully-deconstructed explanation of how the 'Amway' organization conforms to a known criminogenic pattern - in that its instigator/leaders have secretly created a paramilitary hierarchical structure of de facto agents to perpetrate (often unwittingly) a series of inter-related crimes behind a mystifying labyrinth of (apparently independent) corporate structures which the instigator/leaders maliciously set up in order to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate themselves from liability.
America's foremost, living authority on this type of major organized crime group is Prof. G. Robert Blakey (author of the US federal RICO 'anti-racketeering' Act, 1970), who was contracted by the Proctor and Gamble corporation (which was in litigation with 'Amway') to take a look at 'Amway' and to offer his educated opinion. Blakey looked at the wider evidence, and immediately recognised the underlying similarities between 'Amway' and the 'Mafia'. He realized that virtually no low-level, de facto agent of the 'Amway' organization had the slightest idea of how they were being abused and exploited; to the extent that, if they were called as witnesses in civil court cases, their near-total ignorance of external reality protected the organization's real bosses from being held to account.
Scott Johnson remains a perfect example of Prof. Blakey's expert analysis (with which I am in broad aggreement). No doubt, Mr. Johnson will still prefer to shut the door in the face of reality. However, he will probably refrain from treating your free-thinking readers to his own 'expert analysis' of Prof. Blakey as a 'Retard' and 'Dumbass,' for fear of litigation.
David Brear


Tex said...


If you ever had a clue, you lost it. Start looking again, but I won't hold my breath until you find it. LOL

As for the other "free-thinking" readers, I doubt many of them waste much time on your long and largely meaningless and tiresome posts. LOL

quixtarisacult said...

Scott Johnson is a failed Amway adherent who cannot bring himself to admit that he has been victimized by the Amway cult initiators, but insists that he has been victimized by a secondary swindle operated by others selling the supposed instructions to achieve paradise in Amway. He continues to 'believe' although he has neither 'been made' by his mob bosses. Most likely 'Tex' will never get the message. He will continue to buy the crap detergents, toothpastes, and vitamins and somehow feel that he is doing his part to make others wealthy even though his Amway ship will never come in. Indeed, he will not admit that such a ship doesn't exist.

Tex said...

Bob Hart (qiac),

The Amway product business was approved as a legal business model by the FTC in 1979, and is similar to many other legitimate MLMs. The Amway tool scam was NOT reviewed as part of the review, and when reviewed in the UK recently, was found to be illegal. You're too stupid to tell the difference.

Tell us about how your wife lived with her daughter and son in law for several months, a couple thousand miles away from you, her husband, and you were too scared to get her back home. By the way, how is your step daughter and son in law's Amway business? LOL

Joecool said...

Based on his racist statements, tex is a failed human being.

Joecool said...

tex is also incapable of being a decent human being.

quixtarisacult said...


As always, you seem to get some kind of enjoyment knowing that somehow your wonderful Amway has wrecked havoc in other people's life. Maybe it is because you don't have to feel alone. You know that Amway many times takes more from people than their money. It ruins the fabric which holds families together. You seem to take some insane pleasure in it, but you are a proven racist bigot, so who really gives a crap what you think?

David Brear with Shyam's help have you pegged for the small time scoundrel you really are. Joecool has pulled together a sort of timeline on your racist rants as well. But you keep trying.