Monday, 25 January 2010

Tex surprisngly offers comic relief this time

I observe that the usually puerile and abusive Mr. 'Tex' Johnson has offered you, and your free-thinking readers, some comic relief. After 17 years of completely failing to recognise his own (unwitting) participation in a closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme, Mr. Johnson inverts reality by claiming that you wouldn't know a money circulation scheme if it fell on your head.
Even now, after it has been clearly explained what the essential defining characteristics of a closed-market swindle are, and how the means of production, distribution and exchange in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' have been centrally-controlled so that virtually no 'Amway' products have been sold to persons who are not agents of the organization (resulting in tens of millions of transient 'Amway' participants wasting their time and money during a period of 50+ years), Mr. Johnson steadfastly refuses to accept reality.
The rather obvious point which Mr. Johnson still fails to grasp, is that there is no such thing as a closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme, which is presented in its true colours. By its very nature, this type of deception is always camouflaged as a 'fantastic, legal, money-making opportunity'.
In reality, the overwhelming majority of money circulating in any closed-market swindle comes only from its participants who have been peddled 'infinite shares' in what can only be their own finite cash. More than half a century of quantifiable evidence (including 17 years of Johnson's own dismal accounts) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Amway' is the corporate-front for various related-frauds which have generated billions of dollars of illegal profits for a small gang of sanctimonious racketeers in the USA.
These racketeers must fall about laughing when chronic victims (like Mr. Johnson) not only refuse to make criminal complaint, but actually rush to defend them. It is interesting to note, however, that no one (openly-representing the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob) refutes my analysis.
David Brear


Legal Scan said...

It is no matter to wonder. Tex has been a court jester giving entertainment and that is why, it seems, Shyam is allowing him in the blog.

Tex said...

Brear/Legal Scan,

How clueless can you get?

Answer the question: If Amway products were half the price of other market products, is it possible a money circulation scheme could exist?

Yes or no. Then explain your answer. LOL

Joecool said...

The word "if" is a small word with a big meaning.

Tex said...


You appear to be unable to answer the simple question as well, as usual.

dtytrivedi said...

joecool, u are 100% rite "if" is a small with a big meaning.

through using if one can prove anything and can manipulate in a way which one desires to be

and this is how our friend shyam used it on 7th December 2009

and on the base of if amway is being accused as money circulation scheme

Joecool said...

"If" tex had a brain, he would undertand all of this.

"If" Tex had any courtesy, he wouldn't be a racist.

"If" tex had any balls, he might be a man.


Tex said...


"If" you weren't a proven whore mongerer, you might be able to answer the simple question. LOL