Saturday, 23 January 2010

Trivedi finally asks what it is all about

After reading the hundreds of posts on this blog, finally Trivedi got a genuine doubt as to what it is all about. The adage goes that after reading whole Ramayana, one wondered about the relationship between Rama and Sita.
I have been writing that all these companies have been cheating people in the name selling products and actually indulging money circulation schemes. It has been illustrated that low price products are sold at exorbitant prices and the sizable amount is appropriated by the company and some amount is distributed to the members. The downline members are the losers and the Andhra Pradesh High Court confirmed it in its judgement. This is how these fraudulent companies including Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilver Network and others have been making money leaving several millions of people in the lurch. When this has been stated several times before too, Trivedi now asks what it is all about.
These companies always look for new bakra (sheep). And Trivedi may turn out to be a bakra soon.


dtytrivedi said...

i went through the document, and what i found that the way u were taking the 6-4-3 as the only way to build the business.

so the analysis very rigid in nature.

You must be started laughing when i read this.

but seriously the fact is clearly evident.

for e.g. according to your analysis if an ibo who doesn't have any downline can generate the income of Rs 12420 p.a i.e Rs 153 per month.

(taking 1 pv =45Rs into account)

But when i saw the document i was totally annoyed. Why?

Because this was concluded itself from 6-4-3 model

where a guy does 100 pv a month and qualifies for 3% and he sells product worth at 20% profit. And so he will earn Rs 1035 per month and Rs 12420 p.a.

the following are the pitfalls of this findings

1. it is not necessary that one has to sell product worth 100 pv. ibo can give discount on mrp.

3.he can self consume it.

4. there is even no compulsion of doing 100 pv per month. (I do more than 50 pv per month)

5.distributor can even do business more than 100 pv per month by retailing, by self consumption or by both.

did u know that the new pin achievers founders diamond Sumit and tanya bahadur?

these couple went 9% without any sponsoring any distributor. They did by retailing and part of it by self consumption.

Tex said...


You wouldn't know a money circulation scheme if it hit you in the head!!!