Thursday, 7 January 2010

Amway apologists have nothing to say except LoL

The Amway apologists keep on asking the same questions even after showing quantifiable evidence. Nobody could blame them. Because they are Amway cult adherents. They know well that the criminal case is pending in the court of law. If anybody commits a crime and the criminal case is pending against them, how could they commit the same offence time and again. That is the Amway style in India. They bribe bureaucrats and the police and they don't mind to grease the palms of any person. Such is their shameless attitude.
These apologists know well that the money generated through selling the products at exorbitant prices is used to line their pockets and to distribute among the top IBOs. The IBOs in the downline are the losers. The Amway apologists refuse to accept the reality. Because they are Amway cult adherents. No one could wake up a pretending person.
If one does not have any argument what could one do. Nothing but LoL. That is exactly what these shameless apologists do all the time.
My earnest appeal to all humans around the world is to throw these crooks out of your respective countries. Do not fall prey to the machinations of these crooks like Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilver Network and others.


Tex said...

And you continue to NOT answer the questions.

Should Amway immediately admit their guilt and leave India just because a legal case is pending against them? What kind of drugs are you high on?

Now you're turning into a conspiracy theorist, that all of India's government is on the take. Talk about cultish behavior!

Do you suggest paying all the lower level IBOs, and not the high level ones? That's not much incentive to build a large business, is it? Again, what drugs are you using?

IBOFB said...

24% growth in Amway India for 2009, sales over 1,400crore

just thought I'd point that out :-)

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, A drug abuser thinkgs that everyone is high on drugs. So is the case with Tex. You always turn a Nelson's eye to the facts and argue pulling an innocent face. Has anybody said that all the officials and police are on the take. The Amway India is facing trouble in the country because of so many honest officers and the brace police. I would like to say once nobody could wake up a pretending person.

Tex said...

I never said everyone is high on drugs, just you. IDIOT.

I haven't ignored any facts, whereas YOU have ignored not only facts, but questions that are carefully designed to INFORM you of the facts.

I never said "...that all the officials and police are on the take.", it was YOU who said, "They bribe bureaucrats and the police and they don't mind to grease the palms of any person." How stupid can one person be? LOL

Apparently, you can't wake up a brain-dead person, either. LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Clueless Tex, the idiot and pigheaded fellow starts to argue that only I am high on drugs. Since you are an addit do you think every one who questions your stupidity is also an addit. Amway should immediately stop the recruitment racket and tuck the tail. If it stops its money circulation scheme racket that is enough. It is a simple thing and the clueless Tex could not understand it. Such a brain-dead fellow, he should be placed in a mortuary. He is worse than a criminal. Because on the one hand, he says that he stopped business not to cheat others and at the same time supports a cheating company like Amway. What do you call such a double-headed monster?

Joecool said...

Tex: I haven't ignored any facts

Joe: Yes, you ignore the fact that you are a racist and a liar.

Tex said...

I call it 2 different businesses.

1. The Amway MLM product based one, and

2. The Amway tool scam.