Thursday, 28 January 2010

'Amway' uses the same concept as the kosher system, to control its adherents

I was very interested by your use of the word, 'kosher', in a previous post referring to 'Amway' products.
Years ago, when my brother was deeply under the influence of 'Amway' and I was trying to comprehend what had happened to his mind, I had a conversation with a wise Jewish friend (a successful art dealer). I explained how, after entering 'Amway,' my brother systematically divided everything, and everyone, in his life into 'negative' versus 'positive.'
In my brother's parallel, totalitarian world, all 'Amway' products were arbitrarily defined as 'positive' (to be included) and all non-'Amway' products were deemed 'negative' (to be excluded). Price and quality were completely immaterial. At the time, I had recognized this unquestioning two-dimensional mind-set as being essentially the same psychology used in aversion therapy. However, my friend immediately made the comparison between 'Amway' and the kosher system.
As you know Shyam, according to Jewish law, all food (or premises where food is sold or eaten) must conform to certain strict rules (many of which are common-sense rules of hygene). Practising Jews are forbidden by law to eat non-kosher food or to eat in non-kosher premises. Indeed, devout Jews find the idea of consuming non-kosher food, revolting. In English, the word, 'kosher', has also come to mean anything which is genuine. However, many traditional religions employ essentially the same 'negative' versus' positive' , 'pure' versus 'impure', etc., model of reality, to control how their adherents think and behave.
Sadly, this traditional religious concept is just one of many which have been perverted by the leaders of pernicious cultic groups in order to control and exploit their core-adherents. It also explains why your resident little gang of 'Amway' apologists are unable to accept 50 years of quantifiable evidence (including their own accounts) proving the over-priced 'Amway' wampum to be (effectively) unsaleable on the open-market.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

it just takes few minutes to write about amway regarding kosher.

i am pretty amazed that despite showing u certificate of kosher how easy it was for u to make it piece of trash

Tex said...


I don't know how you do it, but you came up with an even MORE idiotic post than your previous "winner." LOL