Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cell tower racketeers on the prowl

Here is another racketeer on the prowl. These crooks are advertising in almost all regional newspapers with the promise of huge returns. The hook is very attractive and it is very difficult for common man to resist the temptation.
The advertisement goes like this. "The cellular service providers are looking for suitable site or a high-rise building for installing their towers to expand their services. Approximately 35 square yards of land or equivalent vacant space on residential complexes is enough for installation of the towers. The cellular services providers would pay Rs. 30,000 per month and advance an amount of Rs. 40 lakh (Four hundred thousand rupees) for installing the towers. The interested parties may contact at the following number 09962461261." However, you receive communication from another mobile number 9884886380.
It is really an attractive proposal. Many people have that size of land or structure. They are lured to contact them. The racketeers would convince the caller that it is a wonderful proposal. They claim that they have almost all the cellular service providers in their rolls. All the interested parties have to do is simply send in their details along with the photo copies of the land.
Now the racket begins. The racketeer asks you to register with themselves and their case would be considered in the order of priority. For registration purpose, the applicants have to pay an amount of Rs. 5,200. Once you paid the money, there would be no communication from them.
The racketeer gives the address "Sky Network, 605, Sixth Floor, Maruti Plaza, Sanjay Place, Agra-282002, Uttar Pradesh." Nobody goes to Agra to file a criminal case against these racketeers for Rs. 5200. Moreover, they are ashamed that they were cheated and feel shy of revealing the facts even to their friends or relatives leave alone the police.
That is how these racketeers are escaping the dragnet of the law.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Crooks always come out with new ideas to rob you. Beware of these crooks!


Anonymous said...

it's 100% true . i was also cheated rs.10000 by this criminal cheaters. but i don't know how to prove these criminals. newspapers that gave adds in their editions also escaping that, they are not responsible. medias should to careful before they publish adds. police also not taking any serious steps. but only one, the cheating persons only could live in this world peacefully.

Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Ramakrishna, Have approached police in this regard. Have you any proof that you have paid the amount. Have you the number of bank account if you have paid to the Bank. If you have paid through DD, you could track in which bank account it was deposited. Have you tried to contact the cyber crime police or economic offences wing of CID.
Kindly pursue the case to its logical end. I agree with you the police have no sympathy for the victims of such frauds. But we have to pursue the case persistently.

Unknown said...

hai this is siddiq from TamilNadu

i have all proof and dd xerox for the Sum , Which i have took and send the same to SKY NET WORK Agra,

please suggest what can do

Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Siddique, immediately go the police and lodge a criminal complaint against the organisers of the racket. Show them the proofs of payment and also approach the cyber crime police. First file a criminal case and insist on an FIR.