Monday, 6 September 2010

Today, a British govt official confirms Mr. Steadson to be spouting bullshit

The unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, is becoming increasingly absurd. I see that this 'Amway' monkey is now dancing around in feigned triumph, offering to produce an authentic signed-statement from one of his many loyal customers as independent proof that he has sold some of 'Amway's' wampum (presumably for a profit, although he doesn't make this clear) to someone who is not part of his family or under contract to 'Amway.' Obviously, any crook (just like Bernie Madoff did) could easily fabricate such a worthless document or even bundles of such worthless documents.
Meanwhile, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, a multi-billion dollar question remains unanswered:
Where exactly are all the 'Amway'-related audited-accounts (including Mr. Steadson's own income tax receipts), which might prove that any of the tens of millions of persons who (during the previous 50+years) have temporarily claimed to be 'Independent Business Owners' lawfully selling products for a profit (rather than just buying them and illegally recruiting others to do the same) have genuinely sold any 'Amway' wampum for a profit to persons who are not members of their families or under contract to 'Amway?'
Mr. Steadson is also now claiming that a trustworthy source has told him that, whilst its officers were investigating and prosecuting 'Amway UK Ltd.,' the British Government's Ministry for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform was itself a retail customer of 'Amway's' cleaning products. Unfortunately, I am today reliably informed by none other than the Facilities Manager of the new UK Dept. of Business Innovation and Skills, that UK government departments (including what was temporarily known as BERR) have employed outside contractors to clean their offices and that no British government Dept. has bought any cleaning products for years.
So, Mr. Steadson's latest unsubstantiated bullshit is totally absurd. However, notice how the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw deliberately escaped from being proven to be lying, by first limply stating that he trusted his source, but he didn't know whether the claim about BERR being a customer of 'Amway,' was true.
Interestingly, the identical, mysterious, trustworthy third-party propaganda technique was used by the 'Nazi' Lord Haw Haw, William Joyce.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


rocket said...

I think it's pretty clear that David Steadson is less than honest when it comes to Amway.

I can't imagine how many retail customers (aka fools) you would have to have in North America to be "free" like the leaders suggest is possible.

Maybe David can answer that? I would suggest you would need thousands.

Show me one person who has a hundred or more customers consistently every month. And no David, downlines don't count as customers. They are ALSO business owners, remember?

Amway as a business is inefficient and the name itself is a major ball & chain in North America.

AND there is still lots of indicators that deception and half truths continue to flourish.

IBOFB said...

Hey, I could be wrong about BERR (it was then DTI anyway), as I said I was just reporting what I was told. It's quite possible their contracting company was the customer, hence the confusion.

Still, Brear claims there are NO customers.

Did you notice though that Brear COMPLETELY ignored my offer to provide documented, certified evidence of retail sales?

Why is that do you think?

Rocket - "freedom" in Amway, like in any other business comes from having other people handle things like retail sales.

Can you provide a single example of ANY Amway leader suggesting you can be "free" through having a hundred personal retail customers.

Or are you indicating your as ignorant of the Amway business model as Shyam Sundar is?

Oh, and Brear, please kindly name the Facilities Manager for BERR that you spoke to, and provide proof that you spoke to him.

Otherwise of course, by your own standards, your doing nothing but engaging in Nazi propaganda techniques ...

rocket said...

Oh, OK. So now it's about building a group and the products are a nice aside?

That's of course if you are attempting to become what the overwhelming majority of the leaders say you can become.

Free. Right? So it's about sponsoring? And THEY do retail.

Are you starting to see where this is going David?

So now we're going to have a bunch of IBO's trying to tell OTHER IBO's to hawk overpriced inefficiently distributed products.

Sounds like a great idea to me!

Let me know when you figure out a way to do that......

Always so funny conversing with you Davey!

IBOFB said...

Yeah Rocket, that's right, and every other business selling products in the world is all about employing people, not about selling products!

You're reading to much of Brear and Shyam's stuff. Their ignorance is apparently rubbing off on you.

rocket said...

Uh, no it's not.

The reality of what Amway is (not what you want it to be) has rubbed off on me.

It's called experience. Mine was negative, as is the majority of North Americans in Amway.

Sorry you don't like it, but that's the reality. Like it or not.

rocket said...

By the way Steadson,

The point about retail customers was simply that if the products were even HALF as good as you proclaim, there would be LOTS of IBO's with 100 customers.

As it is, there aren't.

Speaks volumes about the value the products have.......

Sorry, didn't mean to make you look stupid. It just seems to happen.

IBOFB said...

The point about retail customers was simply that if the products were even HALF as good as you proclaim, there would be LOTS of IBO's with 100 customers.


rocket said...

Because they would be considered worth it by the general populace instead of the overwhelmingly VAST minority of people who DO NOT purchase Amway products through an IBO at retail price.

It would also lend credence to your argument that products from Amway are a good value, which you don't hesitate to flog all over cyberspace, invited to the discussion or not.

THAT is why what you do is completely laughable.

What level you at Dave? How long you been involved? How many downline?

How many retail customers does the average IBO have?

If this was so easy to sell the overpriced crap, then why would Amway not advertise such a stat?

Because the whole business is based on fluff, hype, and hope for people who are looking for a better life.

Sadly, Amway doesn't even come close to delivering what it's leaders suggest.

I'd like to be proven wrong.

But I won't be..