Saturday, 4 September 2010

Yet more, unsolicited 'Amway' bullshit

I see that your tedious little troop of (two) dancing'Amway' monkeys has reappeared on your Blog.
The unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, is still trying to peddle the absurd, scripted-bullshit that the so-called 'MLM Business Model has been working successfully for 70 years.'
Predictably, what your resident little 'Amway' shit with a psychology degree conveniently fails to explain, is that 'Multilevel Marketing' is the technical-sounding label made up 70 years ago by a gang of cultic racketeers to shield a closed-market swindle or illegal money circulation scheme. This fraud is what has been working successfully for all this time.
Indeed, an enormous proportion of what Mr. Steadson posts is a blatant attempt to shut-down the critical and evaluative faculties of current 'Amway' victims, and casual observers alike, using the devious technique of psychological persuasion known as 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming.' Mr. Steadson's most-repeated NLP term, 'Independent Business Owner' ('IBO'), is itself an inversion of reality. In accurate deconstructed terms, during the past 50+ years, the overwhelming majority of all the tens of millions of ill-informed individuals around the globe who have been deceived into signing a contract with 'Amway' (in which they were arbitrarily, and falsely, defined as an 'IBO') have actually been insolvent non-salaried commission agents or de facto slaves. When inevitably, these poor individuals have failed to make money in 'Amway', on paper, it has appeared to be entirely their own fault; for the 'Amway' fraud was maliciously designed to blame its victims and, thus, repress all dissent.
The vile Mr. Steadson, and his vile de facto bosses, know full-well that he is essentially no different to any of the tedious little troop of academic monkeys who (for half a century) danced around the truth about the noxious effects of smoking cigarettes and the addictive nature of nicotine, on behalf of billionaire organ grinders.
The bosses of the 'Amway' mob still appear to be too arrogant to realize that each time the Steadson monkey dances around the truth about the noxious effects, and addictive nature, of so-called 'MLM' on their behalf, he is merely pushing them closer towards a prison cell. His very existence on the Net., is itself proof of their guilt.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


Tex said...

It's the Amway Tool Scam, stupid. LOL

Tex said...

Oops! I forgot.

Tex (Copyright 2010) LOL

IBOFB said...

Hey Brear,

Did I tell you about my week? This week we took customer orders for -

1 x Soft Cleanser
1 x Nutrilite Iron tablets
3 x Body Series Deodorant sticks
1 x English Breakfast Tea
(a really nice Amway branded tea from Williamson Fine Teas of the UK, you should give it a try Brear!)
2 x Glister Toothpaste
3 x Allano hand creme
2 x Glister Mouth Spray
1 x FitH20 Mandarin
2 x Nutrilite Daily chewables
1 x Nutrilie CalMag
1 x Glister mouthwash
1 x Tomato & Pasta Sauce
1 x Nutrilite Strive+
2 x Beauty Cycle Air Day Creme
2 x Beauty Cycle Air Night Creme
1 x Satinique Daily 2 in 1
1 x Nutrilite MintChoc Protein bars
3 x Body Series Shower Gel

That was from 4 separate customers, all of whom are repeat customers, ie they've bought Amway products before, liked them, and are buying more.

None of them were friends or family when we introduced them to Amway products, so they have no familial pressure to buy, and (except for 1 product to 1 customer) they're all paying the full retail price recommended by Amway.

These were customers we are dealing with personally. On top of that last month my Amway business in Australia made over $500 worth of full retail sales via my website. I don't even know which of my register customers ordered stuff, or what they ordered. Heck, I haven't even been in Australia for a decade.

So what's your explanation Brear? You claim it's impossible to sell Amway products.

How can this possibly be happening?


But on the off chance you might actually respond honestly and clearly (hahahahahahah!!!)I ask again - Brear, Shyam, which Amway products have you used?

dtytrivedi said...

they have used glister. I mean

rocket said...

Methinks that North American sales aren't as brisk as what Mr. Steadson allegedly sells in a month.

And how many months like that will it take to become financially free, if that is in fact how much you "sold"

Yep, sounds like that'll cover expenses. What a success you are.

Good Lord.....

Shyam Sundar said...

The four customers are stupid enough not to become IBOs to avail of discount 'direct' from the company. LoL! That way, the IBOFB could have earned more money for sponsoring new IBOs. LoL! My dear dumb customers of IBOFB! Become IBOs to earn more discount instead of buying from this faceless fellow.

IBOFB said...

Shyam, you truly are exposing your ignorance of the business model. How can you spend so much time obsessed with pursuing companies like Amway when you are ignorant of even the basic mechanisms by which it operates?

1. If I had sponsored them I'd make less money through their purchases not more

2. With the amount of products they are currently purchasing, it would cost them more money, not less to become an IBO just for the discounts

It would appear they are far more intelligent than you, Shyam., or at least, far less ignorant.

I notice you (again), like Brear, failed to answer my simple question -

Which Amway products have you used, Shyam?