Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Evidence shows Glister's actual price is Rs. 16 only

It has been mentioned several times, that the Amway India has been paying Sales Tax on Glister Toothpaste on its ex-factory price of Rs. 16/ (Rupees Sixteen only). But the retail price of the Glister Toothpaste is Rs. 120. It has been stated several times that the Amway India is indulging in money circulation scheme by selling its products at an exorbitant price and sharing the booty. Here is the statement from the Sales Tax Department obtained under Right to Information Act. The clinching evidence shows that the ex-factory price of Glister Toothpaste is only Rs. 16/. Who are sharing the extra amount collected from the retail sales? Even if the IBOs are given 21 % discount, it is highly priced and the the money is being circulated illegally to the top level members with Amway taking the Lion's share. Some hard-core adherents may argue that it is only tool scam. But the evidence suggests otherwise. Is it enough for the Amway apologists? Do they need more?

I appeal to the people all over world to realise the fact and throw these crook companies like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilever Network, Forever Living Products et al.


Tex said...


Are you saying Amway doesn't pay additional tax when the toothpaste is sold to an IBO/customer?

How can you call an MLM payout model that has been around for over a half-century "illegal?"

How much do other toothpastes cost in India?

Do you expect Amway to NOT make a profit?

I NEVER said that the Amway tool scam is the only issue, just that it is the LARGEST issue. Get a clue, Shyam.

IBOFB said...

Haven't bothered checking if your figures are accurate, but Amway sells the product for less than half the price you quote. The price you quote is the recommended retail price, which includes IBO markups of up to about 55%.

I recommend you do the same exercise for other brands.

dtytrivedi said...

hello every one i am back.

this video will tell u the whole cost structure of direct selling companies including amway against fmcg products. And the person who is telling is Mr Rajat Banerji corporate communication manager of Amway.

If i am lying about rajat banerji then google it.

Legal Scan said...

Tex, It has been proved illegal long back in the Andhra Pradesh High Court on the basis of the affidavit filed by Amway India in the court. Is it necessary to prove once again. The 'lies' are there from centuries, still people believe them. That doesn't make them 'TRUE'. Truth is something which cannot be changed. Other toothpastes in India cost anywhere between Rs. 10 to Rs. 35.
Every company must make profits and share it with its shareholders.But it should not line only its pockets.

Tex said...

If it is illegal, why is it still present and growing? LOL

Are the toothpastes that cost more than 3x the others also scams? LOL

Are you saying Amway keeps all the profits, and there is no profit paid out to the India IBOs? LOL

quixtarisacult said...

Amway growing, or just stealing more?

Joecool said...

"The price you quote is the recommended retail price"

And isn;t that the price that IBOs should be using to sell to customers?

dtytrivedi said...

ok here is the link

the person talking is none other than amway's corporate communications and social responsibility manager, Mr Rajat Banerji

Tex said...


No, it isn't. Price fixing is one of the things Amway was slapped on the wrist for in 1979.

Unknown said...

Amway can't fool public long time.. i use vicco toothpaste it is 100% better than glister 100gm glister cost 145...vicco 200gm cost 126..amway user think about it if u respect the value of money