Monday, 1 February 2010

Insolvent Tex continues to give more comic relief

More comic relief from Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson and more denial of reality from young Trivedi.
Despite what your resident (insolvent) economic wizard, Mr. Johnson, claims, the overall percentage of non-salaried 'Amway' commission agents whom the 'Amway' organization accept fail to renew their contracts annually, has always been around 50% (some years a little more, some years a little less). For reasons best known to himself, Mr. Johnson confuses this overall figure with the percentage of new non-salaried 'Amway' commission agents who fail to renew their first annual contract.
By extrapolation, this means that, since the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth has been boasting '3 millions Independent Business Owners' for several years now, currently around 1.5 millions are secretly being churned annually through the 'Amway' closed-market. According to 'Amway's' own internal 2005 audit from the USA, the percentage of non-salaried 'Amway' commission agents who renewed more than 5 annual contracts, was less than 5%. Despite what Trivedi prefers to believe, this figure is not based on assumption, but taken from internal 'Amway' documentation compiled using a standard statistical sample of several thousands non-salaried commission agents. Indeed, this highly incriminating documentation was not intended to be seen by the public. Thus (on a 5 year cycle) the hidden attrition/drop-out rate in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' in the USA has been recently proved to be a massive 95%. However, most of these persons eventually drop-out themselves. Currently, about 7.5 millions are being churned through the 'Amway' closed-market every 5 years.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, 'Amway' comprises about 150 000 deluded core-adherents who (like Mr. Johnson) remain de facto slave recruiters for periods in excess of 5 years.
Tellingly, the 'Scientology' organization uses essentially the same manipulation of statistics to create the impression of a large and stable 'religious/ self-betterment movement.' Accordingly, the bosses of 'Scientology' claim '8 million believers world-wide.' However, the best available estimates from democratically- accountable European government agencies reveal that there are actually less than fifty thousands medium to long-term core-adherents of the 'Scientology' myth at any given time, many of whom act as de facto slave recruiters. All other so-called 'Scientologists' are merely transient customers.
David Brear

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Tex said...

You're mixing up circumstances.

In my experience, many of the those at functions, upline, downline, and crossline, included many of the same people, year after year.

However, there are also cases of most of entire Line of Sponsorships dropping out, when the upline LCK had some sort of issue, and the record shows it is almost always a tool scam related issue.

That's what happens when you use overall statistics. You're an IDIOT, Brear, and too chicken to make a simple phone call. LOL