Friday, 5 February 2010

AP High Court dismisses Amway distributors' writ petition on Feb 4

February 4 was a great day for Corporate Frauds Watch. The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday dismissed a number of writ petitions filed by several dishonest companies and individuals paving way for criminal action against them by the police. The modus operandi of such fraudulent companies is that they file writ petitions in the High Court and continue their dishonest business deceiving lakhs of people all over country. If anybody files a complaint against them, the police do not take any action against on the pretext of the writ petition pending in the High Court.
As a remedial, Corporate Frauds Watch has chosen to file implead petitions in all these writ petitions. It has already filed such petitions in as many as 14 instances. On February 4th, a number of writ petitions came for hearing and our Advocate Mr Mastan Vali represented the views of Corporate Frauds Watch. The division bench comprising Justice G Raghuram and Justice Ramesh Ranganathan dismissed seven writ petitions and transferred a writ petition to the Delhi High Court.
The writ petitions filed by M/s Vennela Shopping & Marketing Private Limited, M/s Maheswari Getit Marketing, Sri Sai Empower Marketing, M/s Bodela Technologies & Marketing, M/s V-Can Network, M/s QuestNet were dismissed.
Another writ petition filed by six distributors of Amway India -- Sistla Raviteja of Vijayawada, Tirumala Raja Naren, Tirumala Anjali Naren both from Tirupati, Ummakonda Sreeti Reddy, Ummakonda Ashok Reddy both from Hyderabad and Miss Turaga Radhika Ramani -- was also dismissed. The Division Bench stated that it is a money circulation scheme beyond doubt.
Now, the Corporate Frauds Watch would take up the matter with the CID of Andhra Pradesh Police Department seeking action against the accused companies.
The Division Bench has transferred the writ petition filed by Team Life Care Insurance Private Limited to the Delhi High Court on the plea that another writ petition was pending there.


dtytrivedi said...

4th feb was also great day for amway distributors in India.

Tex said...

So, the writ filed by the Amway corporation has NOT been dismissed, right?

And neither you or Brear has answered the following question: If Amway prices were half of other similar products found in the marketplace, could a money circulation scheme exist?