Monday, 8 February 2010

Amway model is illegal money circulation scheme camouflaged with sale of products

Mud headed Tex thinks that if the products are sold at the half price there would not be any money circulation scheme. The whole thing revolves around enrollment and that is where the money is. If the prices are slashed where would money rain from except from enrollment. Amway makes money from enrollment, compulsory purchase of products to be able to claim commission, renewal of contract every year for a fee and selling products at exorbitant prices.
When so many cunning ways are involved in the dubious good business opportunity of Amway, Clueless Tex pulling an innocent face, asks "what if the products are sold at half the price."
If you do not have anything to say just call everyone idiot, seems to be the policy of Clueless Tex.
Baffled Trivedi asks us to believe 'paid news', but he would not accept the decision of the learned justices of Andha Pradesh High Court.
People are reading these comments and try to be balanced in writing such things Trivedi.


dtytrivedi said...

i give full respect to AP high court.

But its funny to say that despite amway is proved to be doing illegal business operations in india by AP high court and still amway is operating as if nothing has happened.

Two things Can be concluded.

1. Either Govt. of India is weakened because despite proving the business illegal it is unable to force such culprits out of the business.

2. Or There is no such judgement been given by high court telling that 'AMWAY MODEL IS ILLEGAL'.

However accusations are against amway but still they are pending. but one cannot conclude that accusation against is equal to judgement against amway!!!

I do admit that my vocabulary and english is not powerful as shyam or brear but i do believe that there is difference between accusation and judgement.

Shyam gave me document regarding case of amway. there were accusations against amway but if he kindly tell me where in the 17 page report it concluded that amway is doing illegal business.

Its a common sense game, I beleive. If amway was proved illegal business then it would not be operating in India. Infact it is well performing in andhra pradesh!!!!

I wonder what brear and shyam has to say about that

dtytrivedi said...

"Amway makes money from enrollment, compulsory purchase of products to be able to claim commission, renewal of contract every year for a fee and selling products at exorbitant prices"

When i was studying in australia,there was zero purchase in my account in india.

Please shyam why are u compelling people to believe that there is compulsary purchase and compulsary recruitment in amway?

IBOFB said...


Shyam appears to be a traditional communist and does not understand business at all. He equates revenue with "making money", completely oblivious to the concept of expenses. It's been long established that Amway does not "make money" from enrollment fees or yearly membership fees.

Tex said...


What is your source for Amway not making money from the enrollment or yearly membership fees?

Sounds to me if money is paid, money is made.

The key point is IBOs don't make money directly from these fees.

There are many ways to make up for these fees, by adjusting product and shipping costs, for example. Just ask the UK.

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