Saturday, 13 February 2010

Trivedi limply insists on merits of Amway business strategy

There is an ancient Chinese proverb which says:
'When a wise man points at the moon, the fool looks at his finger.'
It's no wonder the sanctimonious bosses of criminogenic groups like 'Amway' and 'Scientology' thrive, when there are inflexible fools like Trivedi in the world for them to prey on. The poor little lad still limply insists that he is discussing the merits of an authentic business strategy, when it has been clearly explained to him that, without sufficient external revenue (from a majority of authentic retail sales to persons who are not agents of 'Amway'), the entirety of the so-called 'Amway Compensation Plan' is merely complex pseudo-economic hocus-pocus - maliciously designed shut down the critical and evaluative faculties all less-than-intellectually-rigorous observers (including: journalists, law-enforcement agents, judges and legislators).
Sadly, the rather obvious comparison which I made between Bernie Madoff's miraculous (but demonstrably fake) 'Split Strike' strategy and 'Amway's' own miraculous (but demonstrably fake) 'Multilevel Marketing' strategy, has passed completely over Trivedi's unquestioning head.
Whilst virtually every observer was bedazzled by multi-billion dollar figures and reams of hypnotic jargon in Madoff's fake 'hedge fund's' fake 'offering memorandums', his deluded victims were completely incapable of confronting the more simple truth that the only money Madoff controlled was their own. Although the 'Amway' fraud has a different external presentation, and its many deluded core-victims are persons without vast capital assets tied up in it, essentially there is no difference between it and the absurd closed-market swindle perpetrated for more than a decade by Madoff.
No matter what their external presentation, in all closed-market swindles the one vital question that should be asked of their perpetrators to determine exactly what is occurring, remains the same :
Since its creation, exactly what percentage (by value) of the capital assets which you control (and have controlled) has actually come from a source, or sources, other than the pockets of participants in your scheme?
Until this concept (fundamental to the understanding of the 'Amway' swindle of which he is a victim) sinks into Trivedi's castrated mind, all further discussion with the poor little lad is a pointless excercise.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...
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IBOFB said...

What makes someone "an agent of Amway"?

dtytrivedi said...

hey shyam i am waiting for your reply.

shoot me any questions regarding sales and marketing plan.

However, I feel that u are getting my point regarding 6-4-3 business plan.

As you can see that amway has been accused for its money circulation scheme is totally vague.

As one cannot earn until and unless movement of products are there.

since the early 2008 there business can be started within less than 995 but it does not count in business turnover.

So can u tell which area u still think in business plan which makes u think that it is attracting money circulation scheme.

I can also prove you that
first person who joined amway in india may not be necessarily be earning highest income even though thousand crores of turnover done under him.

Tex said...


You also haven't answered the question of whether Amway would be a money circulation scheme if the products were half the price of those in the marketplace. IDIOT...LOL