Monday, 15 February 2010

Amway never sells its products at lower price and never do away with enrolment

Trivedi conveniently forgets nowhere in the Amway India's website it was mentioned how much products one has to sell. But it was clearly mentioned that IF the IBOs enrol so many he would earn so much amount. The crux of the Amway India's business model is enrollment. Without enrollment there is hardly any business in Amway.
Anyway, you claim that you could earn as much amount by selling products. That is also the 'IF'. IF you could sell the products. All the Amway products are unsaleable and that is why they are not sold in the market.
In such case why Trivedi is not selling the products to earn a sizable money instead of meagre sum of Rs. 2000 per month. Because he could not sell the products to people. Nobody buys these exorbitantly priced products.
It is not necessary to prove anything on paper, Trivedi. Just prove it by selling Amway products and earn Rs. one lakh or six lakhs without going for enrolment.
Clueless Tex time and again asks if the products are sold half the market price, would it be still money circulation scheme. Just ask Amway India to implement the plan to sell the products at half the price and see for himself whether it would still be money circulation scheme.
Anyway Clueless Tex should say which half of the market price. The market price of Amway products is already ten folds as is shown in the case of Glister toothpaste. The actual price is Rs. 16 and sold at Rs. 120. If it is sold for Rs. 60, it is still four times the original cost.
For the sake of our enlightened readers the prices of some of the products are reproduced here.
Amway's G&H body lotion 250 ml. Rs. 310
Nivea Lotion 250 ml. Rs 110
Amway's Satinique (shampoo and conditioner) Rs. 250 ml. Rs. 314
Sunsilk (shampoo and conditioner) 250 ml. Rs. 85
Amway's Dishdrops (1 litre=4 litres) Rs. 420
Godrej Concentrate (1 litre=4 litre) Rs. 64
Amway's SeaSpray concentrate (1 litre=4 litre) Rs. 290
Colin Glass & household cleaner, 4 litres Rs. 252
Amway Zoom concentrate 1 litre, Rs. 299
Robin Cuffs N Collars 1 litre, 128
Even if they are sold half the price, they are above the market price of similar products.


dtytrivedi said...

oooh dear shyam as i mentioned before.

there is no compulsion to sell any the products of amway.

It doesn't matter if i don't sell or consume the product in a year

or if sell worth Rs 5 lac individually.

Well, dear whatever u say whatever u feel that amway products are unsaleable its upto u.

But one thing is for sure one cannot earn through enrolling people.

one can only earn money through product movement.

I don't need to prove that about amway products despite showing you that amway india registered Rs 1407 crore.

And don't tell me to make me prove to sell amway products worth Rs 5 or 6 lacs.

Did u or any person showed any 1 person, i repeat any one person which did business through 6-4-3 way.

Tex said...


Finally, we get some price comparisons. What took you so long? It appears the India prices are excessive, but are these retail or IBO prices?

However, the "price" of the toothpaste being Rs. 16 is the manufacturing cost, and that price MUST be increased to make a profit. The free enterprise system believes in profit, Communists don't. Which are you, Shyam? LOL

I didn't say the theoretical question of a money circulation scheme was related to Amway products being sold for half of what they are sold now, I related it to half of market products. Take the products prices of the NON-Amway products you mentioned, and if Amway sold at THAT price, would Amway still be a money circulation scheme?

IBOFB said...

Trivedi conveniently forgets nowhere in the Amway India's website it was mentioned how much products one has to sell.

Gee, maybe 'cause you don't have to sell anything!

it was clearly mentioned that IF the IBOs enrol so many he would earn so much amount

No it's not. Now you're outright lying. The closest is an example where if you enrol a certain number and they (miraculously) all purchase the exact same points as a combination of their own use or to sell to customers). The example is CLEARLY based not on how many you enroll, but on how much sales volume you create.

For the sake of our enlightened readers the prices of some of the products are reproduced here

Enlightened readers will again see your dishonesty. I cannot speak for the other products, but Satinique and Sunsilk are a whole different class of hair care product, they are not direct competitors. Shyam dishonestly cherry picks Sunsilk shampoo but ignores, for just some examples, Neutrogena Shampoo 300ml MRP Rs.795 or Herbal Essences Citrus Shampoo 350ml MRP Rs.695 or Loreal Elseve 250ml MRP Rs.495 all of which are significantly more expensive than Amway's Satinique, and I'd venture to suggest not as good!

Not to mention comparing Zoom, a surface spray cleaner, with a clothes stain remover!

Note: I took manufacturer's recommended retail price, as that's what Shyam did with Amway's products. On the site I linked to they can all be bought cheaper, however the Amway Satinique product is still cheaper than these competitors.

Tex said...

While comparing Amway's products to those of similar quality is certainly a good approach, one must also consider how many IBOs normally buy these higher quality products, and have a sponsoring/retail market that also buys these high priced/high quality products.

You can only ride the "quality horse" so far, and Amway has introduced lower tier products for this reason.

dtytrivedi said...

I m. Wondering where it was said that Amway is selling cheapest products?

I even doubt that shyam knows nothing beyond price of a product.

By the way nice information ibofb.

Tex said...

Nobody claimed Amway was selling the cheapest items, but it is clear they sell many product that are higher in quality and therefore price than most people buy. THAT is the point.

Anirudh O. Mishra said...

Mr blogger one thing is clear after reading ur whole story tht ur so jalouse abt are talking abt product price comparison one thing is clear tht no one make products as good as amway.and also why u forgot to mention tht no one gives money back garrenty.and also I'm using amway product since last 10years. And also Amway is not enrolling just new poeple it is like private franchisee.

Selva said...

As you know Amway products are mean for quality products and costly products, this goes as normal where there is quality are costly as you said Amway are little more costly as they are not selling in retail market they can reduce their price

Unknown said...

The aim of Amway is just want to increase his buessness in India nothing more to make fool people...So dont go for Amway products.

Anonymous said...

the comparison should be done in apple to apple manner. i'm just using the products of amway since 1 year only but can surely say that the comparison which u showed is not acctually comparable.. in terms of eco friendly ingredients or the Quality.
u can never compare Satnique 2in 1 shampoo with "sunslik"... :P. it is not a mass market brand. if you just want to compare it, just compare it with Lo'real or such other premium brand shampoos. similarly for other things, they are also not comparable.

Unknown said...

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