Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cluless Tex still asking senseless question

The Clueless Tex keeps on asking the most absurd and stupid question time and again. It has been answered more than once. As long as there is a scheme of enrolling members it is the illegal money circulation scheme. When the whole point is illegal money circulation scheme to dupe the gullible all over world, mud-headed Tex keeps on asking selling of products at half the price. When it was pointed out that the writ petition filed by the Amway India's IBOs was dismissed, Tex felt uncomfortable and queries whether the writ petition filed by Amway India was not dismissed.
And our pitiable lamb, Trivedi is more baffled than before at the usage of words. He could not make out what exactly he has been asked. I hope the latest post of David Brear would give him a clear picture. If he still could not make out what he has been asked, nobody could help him.
The funny Trivedi once again showcases a 'paid news' article in a newspaper and claims that the sale of Amway products have gone up.
These cunning and dishonest companies which filed writ petitions and obtained stay orders, have been cheating my fellow Indians for the last several years and it is high time, the CID of Andhra Pradesh police initiated criminal proceedings against all these companies. Six more such writ petitions are still pending and Corporate Frauds Watch is looking forward for the day these writs are also dismissed.
My fellow humans all over world! Kindly open your eyes and throw these cunning companies from your respective countries. You have nothing to lose but these criminals.


Tex said...

So, if I had a business where everyone paid half than they would at a store, and get bonuses on topic of that, it's still a "money circulation scheme?" LOL What an IDIOT.

Brear, do you agree with this nonsense?

I didn't "feel uncomfortable" at all. Why don't you post what the India IBOs submitted?

dtytrivedi said...

its very strange that u still think that the news given by amway in press is nothing both misleading people.

u won't in support without any logic that third parties who conduct the market research when represent unbiased and those facts turns out be in in favor of amway.

oohh i understand when bloggers publish them or give approval or andhra high court or any other high court when it approves that whatever is being said is true then only u will believe.

what really i can see is that throughout in this blog u are just biased against amway. thats very is way to find it out.

some guys just emails u against amway, without any doubt u will publish it in ur blog.

And when i show something backing amway through press statements, media and also 3rd party reports u just neglect it as if it least important.

Ur way of judging the quality of information is incredible!

Tex said...

It goes much deeper than being biased, Brear and Shyam are certifiably STUPID!