Friday, 19 February 2010

TVI Express is a pyramid scheme

Maria Rocheteau from South Africa wanted to know whether she could join TVI Express and expressed doubt that it is a pyramid scheme. Maria has rightly identified the scam and yes, it is pyramid scheme. It has been elaborately written about it several times that it is a money circulation scheme and several hundreds of thousands of people all over world lost money in it. Only the company made money and a few at the top.
If you think you con some more people in joining the scheme you sure could join and make money. But you might risk losing friends and relations for ever. Think twice before taking the decision.
All these pyramid companies take cue from Amway India which is mother of all scams. In the name of selling products and services, all these companies are indulging in money circulation schemes.


Tex said...

What's your evidence it's a scam?

Legal Scan said...

Simple theory. Clueless Tex.

Tex said...

Still no facts, and I'm clueless? LOL


mr shyam sunder i appreciate your about the general public and their losing of money in multi level marketing companies.

firstly you should worry about the journalists and tv media how they run the business you journalist are none the less you think you can bring in to limelight if that so bring the life of some cunning politician in the lime light.

what journalist make for a living is they create false news from one line.

so try to fight against the people who use media to achieve what they want and ask them to misguide people.

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aravind kumar nerudu

Unknown said...

Amway is a scam?

If so, we've been hoodwinked. Amway has been around for decades and many many people purchase their products and many are successful distributors.

Who are you again?


GuyReviews said...

South Africa announces first arrest of TVI Express Leader. Who's laughing now?