Thursday, 18 February 2010

Clueless, faceless Tex pretends intellectual authority

I see that, as ever, your resident (insolvent) 'Business' expert, Mr. Scott 'Tex ' Johnson, is arrogantly making assumptions and pretending absolute intellectual authority in matters for which he is eminently unqualified.
Self-evidently, Mr. Johnson, is hardly in a position to offer opinions about business, since (by his own admission) he has spent 17+ years of his adult life enthusiastically playing a puerile game of 'commercial' make-believe, whilst all the time he preferred to remain blissfully ignorant of the ego-destroying truth that he was just another poor schmuck slaving his guts out for the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob and their millionaire under bosses.
Mr. Johnson cannot refute the essential identifying characteristics of a closed-market pyramid swindle as being: grossly overpriced products leading to insufficient external revenue. Nor can he refute the published calculations of Dr. Peter Vandernat concerning the percentage of external retail sales which (generally) has to be maintained in order to legitimize any pyramid sales scheme. So what does Johnson do when faced with the unacceptable truth? He systematically excludes external reality by childishly attempting to dismiss Dr. Vandernat as an economist dissociated from commercial reality and myself as a fan of economists.
Far from being a fan of economists, I would say that Dr. Vandernat is almost unique in that he is virtually the only genuinely-independent academic who has published a clear mathematical, and legal, explanation of what constitutes a closed-market pyramid swindle dressed up as a 'Direct Selling ' scheme. Far from being dissociated from commercial reality, Dr. Vandernat has offered a practical test which can be applied by commercial regulators and prosecutors to prove that fraud has been perpetrated.
As for all the less-than-intellectually-rigorous American: journalists, academics, law enforcement agents, judges, legislators, etc., who have failed to recognize how this type of pernicious swindle functions, and allowed it to infect the rest of the world, they should be damn-well ashamed of themselves.
Tellingly, Lord Haw Haw Steadson's intellectually-castrated comment (on behalf of the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob) regarding Dr. Vandernat and William Keep's paper, merely takes one phrase out of context and completely ignores the rest of what they actually said.
David Brear


Tex said...

Have you shown Amway products to be "grossly overpriced?" Nope. LOL

Have you proven Pete's calculations have ANY authority, especially in light of him apparently counting downline as retail sales (which they aren't, but it doesn't matter, because the FTC doesn't require ANY retail sales)? LOL

Why don't YOU provide the link to the 2002 document, and let US see whether the statement was taken out of context? Don't answer that, I know the answer: Because it would make you look STUPID - AGAIN!!! LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Wow, that is again verbal diarrhoea, Clueless Tex. Laugh Out Loud.

Tex said...

Can't answer simple questions, can you?

It looks like the quote came from 2007, see other thread.