Monday, 1 February 2010

Clueless Tex still sticks to tool scam argument

Again, it must be interesting for your free-thinking readers to observe how the inflexible, castrated minds of 'Amway' cult-apologists function.
Your resident (insolvent) economic wizard, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson, does not seek to refute that (effectively) 100% of all the tens of millions of people who have signed a contract with 'Amway' during the previous 50+ years (including himself) have failed to make an overall profit from the operation of a so-called 'Amway Business'. He also apparently now accepts that around 7.5 milions are being secretly churned through the 'Amway' closed-market every 5 years. Similarly, Mr. Johnson does not seek to refute that, by 'Amway's' own figures, the hidden attrition/drop-out rate for the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity', on an actual five year cycle in the USA (2000- 2005) was a massive 95%.
Now, given these irrefutable facts, any free-thinking person can immediately deduce that 'Amway' has to be one of the biggest frauds in history, and that the sanctimonious little gang of charlatans who run it, are public enemies disguised as 'philanthropists' who should have been stripped of all their stolen wealth and locked up decades ago. Instead, Johnson steadfastly pretends that the underlying reason for the (effectively) 100% loss-rate in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' is the 'Tool Scam', and that the underlying reason for the 100% overall attrition/ drop-out rate is 'death.'
Johnson puts me in mind of the tiny minority of deeply-brainwashed Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender in 1945, and who (decades later) were found hiding in the jungle on remote Pacific islands still bowing to their Emperor as an 'Infallible God.'
David Brear

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dtytrivedi said...

can tell me how can a company can survive which has 100% drop out rate.

if u have the answer of it then can u tell me how amway was able to register growth of 15% in revenue in year 2008 ( crisis hit year).