Monday, 8 February 2010

Why Amway is silent on CFW blog?

It is highly revealing that no one officially representing the 'Amway' mob, has ever put in an appearance on your Blog or attempted to challenge the authenticity of what we have posted on it. Thus, the billionaire bosses of the organization do not openly seek to refute our analysis of their Indian operation as being part of an overall pattern of major racketeering activity. Indeed, any attempt to silence your Blog, would merely confirm our analysis.
In the face of another Indian State High Court ruling which recognises 'Amway India Enterprises' to be operating an illegal money circulation scheme disguised as a 'Business Opportunity,' currently, the only persons attempting, but failing miserably, to put up a defence of the organization on your Blog, are a puerile and abusive, middle-aged American (Scott 'Tex' Johnson) and a naive, young Indian (Trivedi). Neither of these unqualified persons officially represent 'Amway.'
For an organization which steadfastly pretends to be 'One of the Worlds Largest Direct Selling Companies,' the complete incapacity of 'Amway' itself to produce anyone who is prepared to speak on its behalf on your Blog, requires no further comment.
David Brear


Tex said...

The reason Amway isn't here is because this forum is a JOKE! LOL

There's no discussion, no answering simple questions, etc., to the point where this site is a COMPLETE MESS!!! LOL

If I was Amway, I wouldn't poke at this turd either, I would just walk right on by!!!!!! LOL

rocket said...

Yes, indeed.

look to Tex for the proper way to blog.

His hit per annum much reach the tens!

dtytrivedi said...

great effort by the corporation through charity by donating $112 million

dtytrivedi said...

A debatable point by shyam

"Amway makes money from enrollment, compulsory purchase of products to be able to claim commission, renewal of contract every year for a fee and selling products at exorbitant prices."

I purchase even less than 50pv, infact when i was in australia my purchase in amway was zero.

Please shyam why are u compelling people to believe that there is compulsary purchase and compulsary recruitment in amway?

Are u saying that if some distributors does the business in faulty way as u mentioned, is what amway is really doing?

Tell me where in the business plan it was said that it is compulsory for a distributor to purchase the products and recruit people?

dtytrivedi said...

i think conflict is in our thinking.

You guys think that "examples are meant to be followed"

but often u don't follow u "imitate"

for e.g. for the sake of simiplicity 6-4-3 plan was designed that how the business model of amway works. But u all are thinking that one should only follow 6-4-3 rule to do the business.

Tex said...


Why guess at how many visitors I have?

Tex said...

A better question is: Why are you (Brear and Shyam) "silent" on your own blog? What I mean by "silent" is you don't answer simple questions.