Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Poor lad Trivedi still lamely asks how Amway is surviving

Dealing with Trivedi, is like dealing with a stupid schoolboy. Even now, after it has been clearly explained to him, the poor lad still lamely asks how 'Amway' survives if the company has a 100% drop out rate?
Given the quantifiable evidence, any free-thinking person can see that 'Amway' continues to survive, because each year (by the organization's own figures) around 3 millions individuals sign contracts, but of these 3 millions, only around 1.5 millions are existing contributing participants. Around 1.5 millions 'Amway' failures are vanishing each year, to be replaced by 1.5 millions more wide-eyed dreamers. The hidden attrition/ drop-out rate on a 5 year cycle (2000-2005) for the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' was calculated at a massive 95% by external financial auditors with full-access to 'Amway's' own internal accounts.
In simple terms, this means that for every 100 ill-informed persons (like Trivedi) who get involved with 'Amway' falsely believing it to be a viable marketing scheme, after 5 years, only 5 remain. The number who remain after 10 years, is a fraction of 1%. Thus, 'Amway' is a vast snowball which has always had an (effectively) 100% overall, rolling, attrition/drop-out rate. The few persons who are constantly depicted as shining examples of 'Amway Success,' are merely schills whose wealth does not, in fact, derive from their so-called 'Amway Businesses' at all.
The 'Amway' Ministry of Truth (exactly like its 'Scientology' equivalent) steadfastly pretends the organization to be stable and to comprise millions of happy, healthy and prosperous adherents, when, in reality, the overwhelming majority of these persons are merely transient customers, contributing participants in an economically-unviable closed-market.
As for Trivedi's continued belief that 'Amway' s' kosher wampum represents good value. How does the poor lad explain the fact that masses of it is available all the time (and untouched) on e-bay, at a fraction of its original controlled price?
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

what u said is regarding attrition rate.

what i am more interested is that if a company is having 100% attrition rate, then how could be managing such huge turnover and why its having strong presence in cosmetics and vitamins and dietary supplements market.

do you want me to repeat its position globally as well in indian market?

I have information from Global market information database market research agency. Should i spell it out again?

the point is that u don't have valid source which tells proves my point wrong. (Now don't go through blogs)

U must be aware of nutrilite's presence in Rs 2556 crore market of vitamins and supplements market in india?

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi thinks he is wise in saying Nutrilite has presence in the Rs. 256 crore vitamins and supplements market in India. But he did not say what is its market share. Is it one per cent or two per cent? Or point five per cent? People now realised Nutrilie is an overpriced product(inspite of the report of its adulteration) and that is why it could not be sold in an open market.

dtytrivedi said...

ok very nice legal scan its more than 15%.

do you want me to give you source?


now lets see how shyam views the credibility of the information.

I am sure he will provide me the link of a blog to prove my point wrong. It very funny isn't it