Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Clueless Tex prefers to remain in darkness

Frightening isn't it, how, even after the most-deconstructed of free explanations, severe and inflexible narcissistic oafs like Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson, prefer to remain in the stale darkness of their ego-protecting 'Amway' bunker, wasting their time and money whilst lobbing puerile abuse at all free-thinking outsiders, in total denial of the ego-destroying external reality that organizations like 'TVI Express' are all just deceptive copy-cats of the deceptive 'Amway' original.
Unfortunately, it is not sufficient for us just to know from experience that 'TVI Express' is a giant lie - an invitation to commit financial suicide disguised as a 'Wonderful Business Oportunity' -even though the majority of people can deduce immediately that what the organization offers ('total financial freedom') is far too good to be true. However, in order to establish beyond all reasonable doubt in a court of law whether 'TVI Express' is the corporate front for an ongoing major organized crime group running a camouflaged money circulation scheme and allied advanced fee frauds, the same simple test can be applied to its claimed 'commercial' activities, as can be applied to those of 'Amway' (or to any other so-called 'MLM Business,' for that matter).
Since the creation of the so-called 'TVI Express Business Opportunity' exactly what percentage (by value) of the capital assets acquired by the organizations leadership has come from a source, or sources, other than the pockets of its own participants? For without a significant, and sustainable, external source of revenue, no system of economic exchange can be viable for the majority of its contributing participants. They have merely been peddled infinite shares in what can only be their own finite money.
David Brear

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Tex said...

More proof you loonies are out of control. No evidence, just accusations. LOL