Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Clueless Tex pretends to be acting independently

It is interesting to note some of the latest comments posted on your Blog by Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson.
Although Johnson steadfastly pretends to be acting independently of 'Amway,' his comments reflect the same pattern of racketeering activity which the 'Amway' mob has used to obstruct justice.
Back in the mid-1990s, when I first openly contacted both 'Amway UK Ltd' and the so-called 'UK Direct Selling Association' to inform their senior officers that 'Amway' was the front for a form of Ponzi scheme and a secondary advanced fee fraud, and that I would be making complaint to the UK government's Dept. of Trade and Industry, the reaction of the 'Amway' mob was to get their UK legal representatives (Baileys, Shaw Gillette LLP) to send me a threatening letter.
At this time, I was informed by an unnamed 'Amway' attorney that copies of a letter written by my brother (who was a core-adherent of 'Amway') had been sent to various individuals in the UK, including politicians and DTI officials. 'Amway's' unamed attorney falsely claimed that this letter proved all my accusations against 'Amway' to be 'foolish notions' invented as part of a 'vendetta' against my brother. I was warned that if I continued make my accusations to UK politicians and government regulators, legal steps would be taken to silence me.
Officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' and those of the so-called 'UK DSA' managed to obstruct a UK DTI investigation of 'Amway' until 2007. When this investigation was finally launched, it was discovered that all my accusations were, in fact, true. Furthermore, 'AmwayUK Ltd.' had been a permanently insolvent corporate structure since its creation in 1973. However, hundreds of millions of dollars had been secretly syphoned out of the UK by churning at least 1 million persons through 'Amway's' sustainable closed-market swindle and peddling them exorbitantly-priced 'Tools' (i.e. books, recordings, tickets to meetings) using (apparently independent) corporate structures to dodge investigation and isolate the bosses of the 'Amway' mob from liability.
'Amway UK Ltd.' escaped closure under civil bankruptcy regulations (by promising the UK High Court that it would reform its activities) and (as a result) no criminal investigation of 'Amway' has ever been conducted in the UK.
David Brear


Tex said...


Why don't you post the letters, including the ones you, Amway, and DTI wrote? I've never seen an "unnamed attorney" write a letter.

If you had been reading for comprehension, you would know I was very much in favor of Amway being investigated in the UK, and am in favor of the same happening in the U.S.

IBOFB said...

Right -- so ... according to you Brear, the court found all your accusations were true, yet let Amway keep operating with a few changes.

I guess this means you believe Amway UK is now operating in an acceptable manner?

Tex said...


That's why I asked for the letters. Let's see your 1990's complaints.