Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Now a real estate firm plans to cheat people

Now a real estate firmed entered the market to cheat the gullible people. The modus operandi of all these companies is same -- to induce the people with easy and quick money only to make them with their hard-earned money.
Viswas Real Estate Private Limited is offering 50 square yards of house-site for just Rs. 30,000 and if they could rope in two more people they would be given a commission of Rs. 3,000. If those two persons could bring in two more each, they would be given an additional commission of Rs 1000. The chain should continue to earn more and more commission.
The question is where do you find so much land to sell to these people. The company claims that it has plenty of land all over the State and they would sell it to the investors. In reality, it is impossible to find that much of land anywhere in the world. This is outright cheating and police are turning Nelson's eye to the problem. They open their eyes only after a sizable number of people are cheated and that would be late.
It is high time, people realised the dangerous intentions of this real estate firm and discourage people from joining such schemes.


Tex said...

How do you know how much real estate they have?

Legal Scan said...

Have you any idea how many 50 sq yards plots could be made out of one acre of land, Clueless Tex. LoL.

Tex said...

No, how many? LOL